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When I first started selling leather on the road, almost all motorcycle leather was made in the USA. The scope of...

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Motorcycle Gloves

Outseam gloves have no internal stitching against your skin

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Fox Creek Leather Deerskin Gloves
American Made Leathers to last a lifetime.

Men's Deerskin Gloves Detail

Detail of our Men's Deerskin Gloves

Our Men's Deerskin Gloves are crafted from soft, durable deerskin leather. Deerskin leather is an ideal material for making motorcycle gloves because of its strength and the way the leather wears. Due to the natural feel of the leather, motorcycle gloves made from deerskin are considered to be the most comfortable.

When riding in warm to mild weather, our Deerskin Riding Gloves, Deerskin Outseam Gloves, and Deerskin Gauntlets are the ultimate in comfort and durability. We craft our motorcycle gloves from tanned deerskin which is both stronger and softer than cowhide. Deerskin gloves will rapidly mold to fit your hand creating a comfortable, snug fit.

For cold weather riding, we recommend our Deluxe Lined Deerskin Gloves and Deluxe Lined Deerskin Gauntlets. The built in lining holds warmth to your hands without overheating.

For sport bike riders looking for motorcycle gloves, we suggest our Lee Parks designed Deertours Deerskin Gloves. Designed by a professional motorcycle rider, these deerskin gloves are an ecstatic marriage of form and function. You can feel what you are doing - dig in your pocket for keys and change or adjust a carburetor. Anyone who has gone down palm first will appreciate the extra padding in these deerskin gloves that in no way limits your dexterity.

Our Elkskin Riding Gloves and Elkskin Gauntlets offer superior abrasion resistance yet remains soft and supple allowing excellent freedom of movement. The 4oz. (1.7mm thick) elkskin make these motorcycle gloves the thickest and toughest gloves we offer.

All Fox Creek Leather Elkskin and Deerskin Gloves are Made in the USA.