Third Party Review by Q-Ball on VTwinBiker.Com

Third Party Review by Q-Ball on VTwinBiker.Com

Fox Creek Leather Pony Express Saddlebags

Leather motorcycle saddlebags for every biker!

That’s right, your favorite made in the USA supplier of fine biker leather goods has some new offerings. On top of the list is the their Deluxe Pony Express Saddlebags. These saddle bags are made of the finest leather, and crafted by American artisans. You’re not going to find any better anywhere.

Their good looks were inspired by bags used by Pony Express riders in the late 1800s. They are finely crafted, Made in The USA of American Tanned 10-11 oz Full Grain with 3 oz Garment Leather gusset. The bags measure 12" x 13 1/2" and can expand up to 5".

When empty they have a low profile. On or off your bike they will take up very little room compared to other bags. Some notable features are laced adjustable zip off yoke, hard backing, stainless steel buckles with quick-releases, weather flaps on either side of the opening for protection against the elements. Perfect for day trippin, or the long hall use.
Side view of the Deluxe Saddlebags

Inside they put a zippered pocked to help organize your belongings. Here you can also see the inside and out side weather flaps. The outside weather flaps have Velcro to keep them in place. Notice the heavy double layers of leather on the outside. These bags make military specs look shabby.

Detail picture of the motorcycle saddlebags

The bags have handles, and are attached to the yoke with heavy duty YKK zippers. This way you can remove your bags if the yoke is mounted under your rear seat.

Detail view of the back of the saddlebags.

The back of the bag is reinforced with a hard backing so it will keep its shape for years. Heave duty stitching, and stainless steel rivets will keep it together. It also has a heavy leather strip and a tie down so you will have plenty of options for securing it to your bike.

Brown leather saddlebags

You like me, may be a bit more old school, and remember scrounging around for real Pony Express bags for your Iron Horse. Well here ya go, and Fox Creek Leather has them. The Pony Express Saddlebags are crafted out of Hard-to-find Crazy Horse brown leather. Made in the USA by American craftsmen.

Collapsable Pony Express Saddlebags

Empty they are as skinny as they get. The Crazy Horse brown leather is oil tanned and waxed, that proudly shows off its character. Right from the start they look like a piece of American history. They have a laced adjustable yoke and stainless steel buckles.

Full Pony Express Saddlebags

They look small but are a very useful 13" x 13" and can be stuffed up to 6". Made of durable 7-8 oz. top grain brown cowhide leather with a look and feel you will not find anywhere.

Open Saddlebags

The back is reinforced, and is held together with heavy duty stitching. The bag has inside storm flaps. These are beautiful old school bags, but not water tight. Any old schooler worth their salt packs their shit in plastic bags anyhow. These bags are beautiful in their simplicity, without bells and whistles.

Back view of the saddlebags

The back has been reinforced, to keep its shape. Heavy duty stitching and stainless steel rivets hold them tightly together. Two stainless steel tie downs give you a way to secure it to your bike. If you love old school, you are going to want these bags. Fox Creek Leather has provided another quality choice to fill your riding needs. For quality, price, and down home service that you will not find anywhere else, Y’all gotta check out Fox Creek Leather. Tell them Q-Ball sent you.