Women's Leather Motorcycle Vests

What Customers Are Saying About Our Women’s Leather Vests

Love this vest! Finally, a vest made for women who actually ride! It fits all of my contours perfectly. It’s a bit longer and sits perfectly and doesn't ride up at all. The leather is super soft, thick and extremely durable. It gets more comfortable the longer I have it. I have worn it in the rain and snow and it still looks as good as new. - Elizabeth, Virginia
I bought the dime & braid vest about 1 1/2 years ago. It felt broken in when I first put it on, and it still feels that way. The leather is so incredibly soft that I could sleep in it. I wear it every time I ride, and there's absolutely no sign of wear....no stretching out of shape, even after sewing on patches. No fading either...and I live in the deep south where the sun and heat are so intense that chickens lay fried eggs. This is a must-have for every one who rides. I would buy another one, but this one won't wear out!! - Adrianne, Alabama
This was my second vest purchased and I love it (I do not wear the first one any more!). It is a very comfortable fit, especially when riding my motorcycle. The side laces make it adjustable for extra layers underneath, if needed. It is soft, but durable. The quality of the stitching and design are top notch! I am very impressed with Fox Creek Leathers attention to detail and commitment to quality products.- Jenn, Texas
I have tried on numerous vests but never found one that fit. I don't consider myself to have odd proportions so it must have been the vests! Anyway, I purchased the Braid and Dime vest and LOVE IT. I didn't even have to adjust the sides - it fit me straight out of the package. It's sharp looking and such good quality that I kind of hate covering it up with patches and pins. - Jennifer, Georgia
I ordered the Women's Rebel Vest first. Once I got it, it didn't fit my body as well as I was hoping and it didn't have a hidden barrel holder. So I called the store directly to see what I could do. They gave me a few options. I ended up exchanging the Rebel for the Vixen. I was told it could take up to 3 weeks for my vest to come in the mail due to the barrel holder being put it. I was okay with that. This all happened on a Saturday. By that following Wednesday I had my Vixen vest at my door. Brittany who I communicated via email was an amazing help on this. She wanted it to be a surprise my vest was coming so early. I couldn't believe I already had my replacement vest and I hadn't sent the Rebel back yet. Well needless to say I put the Vixen right on. It fit perfect. I love it. Every time I wear my vest more then a few people ask me where I got it. I tell them www.foxcreekleather.com. A real American made leather company. Even our local leather/shoe doctor told my husband he hasn't seen such high quality leather in a long time. (He is an ornery old man so coming for him it means a lot). I will never order another leather piece from another company. Keep up the amazing work. - Heather, New York
I love my vest! My hubby ordered it for me and it got here on my birthday (surprise!), but I noticed that the inside pocket was cloth lined and my pistol would catch on the cloth. My hubby contacted Fox Creek Leather and the gentleman there was super helpful, we sent the vest back and they installed a leather concealed carry pocket for a small fee. I love my vest, it is so comfortable and even with carrying it is not super noticeable if a body didn't know that there was a pistol in that pocket. It has feminine lines, but is sturdily made. I will be getting my hubby a vest soon too!- Sabrina, Washington