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FCL Drawstring Gauntlet -Unlined

5 Stars 4 product reviews
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The Unlined FCL Drawstring Gauntlet is the unlined version of my favorite deerskin gauntlet. One simple pull of the nylon string tightens the cord lock for a perfect seal and there is no cold air licking around your wrists or up your motorcycle sleeve. Other features include palm patch, knuckle patch, wrist strap and a fit equal to or better than any other glove we carry.

The Unlined FCL Drawstring Gauntlet was designed by Pete as he tried to find a simple more effective way to eliminate all the wind crawl - simplicity up on its hind legs.

International Orders Only: Wildlife leather products including deerskin, buffalo and elkskin for delivery outside the USA will incur additional handling charges of $15 and a delay of about 1 month due to Export Handling mandated by US Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Unlined FCL Drawstring Gauntlet Deerskin 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 29th 2016

    I bought two pair of these, one for my wife and one for me. The fit for both of us is snug, a little long in the fingers, and a little tight in the wrist when pulling them on. I don't mean to imply they don't fit though, they fit like a glove. These are the softest and most comfortable gloves I have ever had. I don't even need to remove them when I fuel up, even when getting my credit card out of my wallet. A couple of the seams came loose, but I just sewed them up myself with some nylon thread. We both love these gloves.

  2. FCL Drawstring Gauntlet - Unlined 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 5th 2015

    So this is my second pair of gauntlet gloves from Fox Creek within 4 weeks! I ultimately lost my first set (boo) and reordered my second!
    I ordered the small (second time around!) and they fit, well like a glove!

    They are made very well, very supple, I can feel my controls on the handlebars wonderfully. I can actually keep them on and access my wallet, pull out cards, use the ATM, etc without removing my gloves. I can access my buttons on my bluetooth helmet with no issues.

    Would I recommend these to others, absolutely. Would I purchase my third pair, YES!

    But really, what do you get for $90? I purchased a pair of non-gauntlet leather gloves for a mere $20 from a local shop...well, it's all about the quality of the leather and workmanship. No comparison.

    The gauntlet aspect works great. I can tuck my jacket into the top and no wind up my arms! they don't run hot (these are the unlined), and there is wonderful heat transfer from the heated grips.

    Wonderful. A+

  3. Favorite Gloves 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 8th 2013

    This model of deerskin gauntlets is the most comfortable and practical motorcycle glove I have ever used. The flexibility, feel, and sensitivity is great. The velcro drawstring at the wrist adds a feeling of security without having to open or close it every time to take the gloves off. Just set it and forget it!
    I used to wear light-colored, perforated gloves in the Texas summer, but now I just wear these year-round. If I ride in freezing cold, I either add a thin pair of silk gloves underneath, and/or I put a set of windproof shells over them. I liked these gloves so much that when they finally started to wear out I ordered a pair of the elk skin gauntlets, thinking that they would be even better for cool weather. Not so. The elk skin is not nearly as comfortable and there is no draw string option for that nice, secure feeling.

  4. Don't shrink your gloves, but if you do ... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 2nd 2009

    I started this year of riding with a new pair of gloves. It's not that my predecessors weren't working - they were. It's just that when I had coated them in Montana's oil and placed them on a cookie sheet in the oven to warm up and melt the oil into the leather, I got side tracked on a phone call. The unique smell coming from our kitchen denoted the end of my gloves. Now, they were, "baby Lee Parks."
    So.., this year I purchased a pair of the Fox Creek FCL Drawstring Gauntlets - Unlined. Very, very nice, to say the least.
    I chose the unlined over the lined as I had found that the lined gloves at the peak of our warm weather were too hot causing my hands to sweat. I began riding this year in mid March, in-between snow falls and sunny days. One week lovely at 10 Celsius the next a freak snow storm and then melted. This is quite common for Spring in my area of the province.
    During the months of March and April I wore a pair of one-size fits all knitted gloves as a liner inside my new FCLs. One practice I have heard about, but have not yet tried, is to put the knitted glove on followed by a surgical glove and then my leather glove. With just the two glove combination I was good for about an hour in the colder weather and then required a coffee break to warm up the fingers before continuing my mission.
    Of late, that is - this May, I find the gloves just right for my every day use. Rain or shine I ride to the Hardware store where I work. The fit is awesome and the dexterity required to pick up a Looney (Canadian one dollar coin) is easy. Locating keys inside my Fox Creek Reflective jacket pockets has been without difficulty. I have grown to appreciate the gauntlets especially during the deluge last weekend that Mary-Anne, my wife, and I got caught in. The gloves were soaked yet retained both body heat and a sensitive grip on the controls throughout the ride in the storm.
    Also, the "new to me" option is the one handed cuff drawstring that I was able to snug closed whilst on the move during the storm. Once closed off the rain was prohibited from working its way back up my wrists. During cold weather rides it keeps out the back-draft of cold air. And as always, the gauntlet deflects airborne debris, be it stones, sand or bees from impacting exposed flesh and hiding inside my jacket cuffs. Two years ago a yellow jacket wasp found its way into my right jacket cuff. It alerted me repeatedly that I had invaded its territory, all the while as I attempted to maintain proper bike handling protocol to pull over and then get it out of my jacket. It made its point - wear gauntlet gloves. I do without acceptation.
    I also treat my new Fox Creek FCL Drawstring Gauntlets with Montana's Oil, only now I use Mary-Anne's hairdryer - when she's not home!