Third Party Review by Pam on RidersInfo.Net


Leather Belt Purse


Ladies if you are looking for a 'belt' purse to wear while riding, then check out the Leather Belt Purse from Fox Creek Leather.

When Rachel at Fox Creek ask me if I would like to review the belt purse, while on our 2,000+ mile trip to the Laconia Rally in New Hampshire, I told her that would be great!

Two days before we were to roll out on our trip the package arrived. As usual with Fox Creek products, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the leather and the softness of the leather, something you learn to expect from Fox Creek Leather. It is made in Grayson County, VA, USA, always a big PLUS for me! I was also impressed with the exceptional quality of the round scissor snaps for a secure attachment to your belt loops.

Rachel had also included the optional strap that is available. A very nice feature of this purse. Perfect for getting off your bike and going to dinner, etc... when a purse attached to your belt isn't always appropriate for the venue.

When I opened the purse I was a little concerned that it did not have a zipper. The outside fastener is a strong magnetic snap. There isn't a zipper inside of the purse either. The belt purse that I already owned had been picked because it had a zipper, and of course the usual requirements, style, size, quality. As a rider I have both hands on the hand grips and can't secure the purse if riding in exceptional winds that can come from a variety of sources.

The size of the purse was perfect, large enough to fit my BIG cellphone, my reading glasses, chap stick, money, credit cards, etc... But it wasn't so large that it was cumbersome and bulky. The quality is exceptional and the style is classic, so I decided, despite the lack of a zipper, I would put it to the test. As I was filling it with all the necessities, I panicked as I put my credit card holder in with all my money! I backed out at the last minute, but packed it in my t-bag to bring along, just in case I found the nerve during our 9 days on the road.

Our trip to Laconia included my husband, my sister, my brother-in-law, my brother, my sister-in-law, and myself. My sister-in-law, Eryn, was the only passenger on our trip.

Our first or second morning on the road, while we were packing up camp, I asked Eryn if she had a belt purse, no she didn't. I asked her if she would be interested in the Fox Creek belt purse I had in my t-bag. She said sure, then I told her that the condition was she had to critique it during our trip and give me a review at the end! She said she would be happy to do so.

Here is Eryn's review of the belt purse...

Pros: Thick, soft leather, deep inner pocket and durable liner. Strong magnet, never opened while riding, fit comfortably on my hip making for a hands free ride, fit easily under rain gear.

Cons: No inner zipper pocket.

Overall I enjoyed the purse. No worries about leaving at a store or booth. Very comfortable to wear but will your pull pants down a bit if there is too much weight. May need to tighten up the belt a notch! I would use this product again, and would recommend this to a friend. -Eryn