Quick Release Instructions

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  1. Feed Horseshoe through the "D" ring loop. (Figure A)


  2. Slide body completely over Horseshoe, until Body locks in place. You will hear a click. (Figure B)

  3. Insert Arrow into Body. Push to lock. You will hear a click. (Figure C)

  4. With Arrow locked into body, thread strap onto Arrow. (Figure D)

  5. While wearing helmet with Echo Quick Release securely locked, adjust strap to fit snugly and comfortably as recommended by your helmet manufacturer. While Echo Quick Release does not move from its set position easily, we recommend you check for a snug fit each time you ride and from time to time when riding.
  6. To open Echo Quick Release press BOTH arms into Body and pull Arrow from Body.
    To fasten Echo Quick Release insert Arrow into Body and push until you hear the loud click. Pull to test before riding. (Figure E)