Deerskin Gloves

What Customers Are Saying About Our Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

 In just a few months and 6000 miles later, these gloves have changed my mind about what I need in a glove for protection. I still have to remind myself that these seemingly thin gloves will protect me better than thicker cow skin, but I'm now able to enjoy all the dexterity and control that I was depriving myself of. I no longer loathe toll booths. Getting the ticket, your wallet, and money from your pocket is not the chore it once was. I can do it all with the gloves on!- Jay, Connecticut 
 I bought a pair of these gloves about 6 to 8 months ago. Living in FL it's usually hot here, so I normally wear a pair of fingerless gloves, but at night it can get too cold for them. I carry these Cascadia gloves for those evenings when it's too cold for the fingerless ones. First off, I love that they're brown, rather than the 'normal' black color, but more importantly is that these gloves fit really well. They've molded themselves to my hand, the leather is so soft it's like wearing a second skin. Over the years I've worn several different kinds and brands of gloves, but none are like these! With most other full finger gloves I've worn I've always had to take a glove off to get a cigarette from my shirt pocket, but with these gloves they fit so well that my dexterity isn't changed, I can pull a single cigarette from the pack while still wearing them! - Mike, Florida 
 I wanted a pair of gloves that would keep the wind out of my sleeves and these gauntlets really do the job. The cuffs come halfway up my forearms and fit great over the leather sleeves of my Fox Creek Motorcycle Jacket II. The leather is thin and supple but totally windproof. I got mine unlined because I have heated grips on my Electra Glide and now my hands are perfectly warm even when the weather is near freezing. - Dave, South Carolina 
 I find the gloves just right for my every day use. Rain or shine I ride to the Hardware store where I work. The fit is awesome and the dexterity required to pick up a Looney (Canadian one dollar coin) is easy. Locating keys inside my Fox Creek Reflective jacket pockets has been without difficulty. I have grown to appreciate the gauntlets especially during the deluge last weekend that Mary-Anne, my wife, and I got caught in. The gloves were soaked yet retained both body heat and a sensitive grip on the controls throughout the ride in the storm. Also, the "new to me" option is the one handed cuff drawstring that I was able to snug closed whilst on the move during the storm. Once closed off the rain was prohibited from working its way back up my wrists. During cold weather rides it keeps out the back-draft of cold air. And as always, the gauntlet deflects airborne debris, be it stones, sand or bees from impacting exposed flesh and hiding inside my jacket cuffs. - James, Canada 
 Got my Deerskin deluxe lined gloves last week, just in time for a cold spell here in the North Georgia Mountains. Riding at night with the Temp in the low 40's to high 30's. These gloves were fantastic. They kept my hands warm, they are extremely comfortable and supple and they are a bargain price. My Harley gloves, at twice the cost, are not as warm, and the lining continues to twist making them difficult to wear. Fox Creek products are the best.- Mike, Georgia 
 I bought a pair of your black touring gloves in the spring of 2004 at the same time as I purchased my new Nomad. This first summer, they have survived 12,000 miles of travel; 7500 of that was during an international trip this past summer through all kinds of weather imaginable. Not once did I think fast enough to protect them from the elements. From British Columbia to Quebec to Memphis and back home, they performed flawlessly. I often ended up wearing them through pouring rain with no problems. With a little help they were dry by the next day and just as flexible as ever. Other than a tiny hole at the end of one thumb and a lot less black dye thanks to the constant rain during the trip, they are as good as new. I would definitely recommend these to anyone for any trip. - Steve, California 
 Just received these gloves for use during frigid weather motorcycle riding since I ride year round. I called to get measurement help since all gloves have different measuring methods. They fit perfectly. These are the absolute softest lined (think rose petals), warmest and most comfortable gloves I've ever worn, even though in below-freezing weather, I still use a thermal glove liner underneath when I'm riding because of the sub-zero wind chill. When you slip your hand in one of these gloves, you won't want to ever take them off. The "deluxe" means what it says and is worth every penny paid! I will continue to support family owned business and made in USA by Americans. Thanks Fox Creek! - Indie, Texas 
 I have two pair of these gloves--- one that fits perfectly without a liner and is good for temps 35 and up to 70 so far (summer is not here yet!). I also have a pair two sizes bigger and when I ride and it's below 35, I just add a pair of fleece gloves underneath and I'm good to go. I can't say enough about these gloves because they are so comfortable and do not hinder your ability to shift. Many winter gloves are bulky and do not do a better job of keeping your hands warm. I have heated grips, so if it's below 40, I crank them up and these gloves allow the heat to go through to my hands. Well worth every penny spent!!- Denise, North Carolina 
 A few years ago I bought a barrette from Fox Creek. Then a jacket, gloves for my husband, and a helmet for myself. This time I bought the leather gauntlets (I was riding and a hornet became stuck between my jacket and gloves. That's when I called Fox Creek). With these gauntlets I feel safe. They fit great and the quality is awesome. The service here is great and I have friends who began ordering when they saw the quality. I have shopped all over for items and Fox Creek exceeded my expectations. If you are uncomfortable just doing this on line, you can call and get a real person. I like that. - Deb, Michigan 
 I used the gloves the week of June 29 til July 14, 2012, on a trip to northwest Montana, and Canada. Just wanted let you know my fingers never got cold. Even thought the rest of the country was in a heat wave, and leaving a 108 degree weather. When we arrived in Glacier Park the nights were cold to 19 degrees. I am so glad I talked myself into buying these. By the way my husband and I, met another customer of yours in Glacier Park, he was from VA. He had a beautiful motorcycle jacket on. I just had to ask if it was a Fox Creek jacket. Thanks again. - Arline, Arkansas