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Leather Motorcycle Chaps & Overpants

What Customers Are Saying About Our Men’s Motorcycle Chaps

I bought a pair of your chaps almost 10 years ago, shortly after I got my first Harley. I'm now on my 3rd Harley, but I'm still wearing that same pair of chaps. They are everything you need in a pair of chaps and nothing you don't. Functional, rugged, durable and attractive. They are head and shoulders above the cheap competition, and in my opinion a much better value than the Harley branded import stuff. - Bill, Virginia

Last fall I ordered a pair of custom chaps and used them many times in the Minnesota weather. Recently, four of us made a 3000 mile trip through Kansas to Colorado, up the mountains to Yellowstone and back through the Black Hills. It was beautiful. All three of the other guys had chaps with exposed silver zippers and they all failed. They were holding them on with bungee cords, bandannas, and Velcro straps by the end of the trip. Mine performed flawlessly. When you need them, the quality had better be there, and yours was. When leaving Jackson Hole at 38 degrees, they would have happily paid another $30-$40 for chaps that would stay together. Thanks for making a great product. When they wear out, I'll order another pair. - Lake, Minnesota

I've had these overpants for several years now and they still look reasonably new based on comments received. They are very comfortable in both the warmer months and have made for enjoyable winter rides. I postpone riding as the weather dips below 30 degrees, these overpants have kept me warm on wintry interstate rides. -Alfred, Maryland

I was able to get a great fit with these chaps following the instructions exactly as provided on the website. Customer service was great when I called and asked to verify my measurements since I wasn't sure. I even sent them pictures just to confirm. I was a little nervous when the chaps first arrived and I had a hard time putting them on, but after using them for a few days it became easy. They are great and so easy/quick to put on that it's not a hassle at all. This is good considering that some riders often forgo riding gear for comfort. These chaps are comfortable. Also I opted not to cut off any leather at the bottom because I like the extra cover it gives over my boot. They came to me perfect, no alteration needed. - Frankie, Texas

After buying a Classic I jacket, I decided to upgrade my old worn chaps. These chaps are great, very soft and thick. I've worn them with the temperature in the upper 30's riding 70 mph and could not really feel the cold. I believe these chaps are worth every dollar that I paid. -Ray, Florida

After reading an article review of their leather performance I was hooked, and placed an order for braided leather chaps. At the time, I was still a bit apprehensive, even after getting a call back to verify the size I needed. Normally I have all the luck of the skipper of the Titanic. You just do not get the service AND the product of the quality that Fox Creek delivers from anyone else…I opened the box, and the first thing I thought was the sheer weight of the leather almost reminded me of chain armor. It feels very soft and quickly conformed to my body, but the best thing is they fit perfectly the first time out, and once I wore them riding, I felt invincible. These leathers went way beyond anything I could have ever expected. The leather is thick enough to protect yet supple enough to form to your body and allow ease of movement. - Boomer, Iowa

These American made chaps are so comfortable. I wear them every time I ride, and the covered zippers are great. The leather is supple, yet thick enough to protect my hide when I lay it down at 70 mph. - Scott, Ohio