Qball Rides Naked

Third Party Review by Q-Ball on VTwinBiker.Com

Classic Motorcycle Jacket II and Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Q-Ball Rides Naked to Harrisburg???

Well, not exactly. I did ride in full grain naked leather from Fox Creek. Thank the stars, cause I needed them. It was a 270 mile round trip in cold wet weather. When I left the house it was 34 degrees, overcast, with high humidity. On the way home that night it wasn’t much better, plus I got treated to a cold shower for 30 miles. You’re probably wondering if the naked leathers kept me dry. Yep, seems Fox Creek treats their leather with mink oil, and the rain rolled off with the wind. More about naked leather later.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Just for the record, Fox Creek Leather asked me if they sent me a jacket and chaps, would I do a review. I said sure, BUT, I would be tough on the leather and honest in the review. Well it’s been miserable weather, and 500 miles since the leathers showed up, and I honestly love them. So, does everyone else. The women can’t keep their hands off them, "soft as butter" is a phrase used more than once. The guys got a little testy with the women fondling my leathers, but upon closer inspection were liken them too. When they learned they were made in the U.S.A. and guaranteed for life by Fox Creek they were impressed. I even ran into other riders who were Fox Creek devotees, with long positive stories of their own.

The minute I opened the box I knew this was my lucky day. It wasn’t long and the leathers were earning their keep and respect. They are beautifully made. It is hard to describe the feeling one gets wearing something hand made with pride, by some of the last American craftsmen. The fit was amazing, and functional. I selected the "Classic Motorcycle Jacket II" and plain front "Leather Motorcycle Chaps". Even with my not so normal measurements they fit me like they were custom made, and I received them in two days. Here’s a quote from Fox Creek’s web site. "Custom Fit Chaps, We use your measurements to select the perfect fit from 130 possible waist, thigh and length size combinations." Damn if they didn’t, and so did the jacket. The friendly folks at Fox Creek are happy to help you with proper fitting. They are a old school, small, family owned company located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of western Virginia, and you can tell that by the way you are treated with respect.

The "Classic Motorcycle Jacket II" has a fully functional high collar, when zipped all the way up keeps out all the wind and rain. The extra long padded kidney panel does a fine job of keeping any cold back draft out as well. With it’s zip out Thinsulate vest, mesh liner, and front and back zipper vents, this jacket will be comfortable for many miles, in all kinds of weather. Both the jacket and the chaps are made of heavy weight primo leather. They truly are as soft a butter, yet tough as nails. They flex and fit like your own skin.

"More about naked leather later". The more I thought about it, the more I figured Fox Creek Leather does a better job of explaining it than I could. In fact, they have a great web site which is very informative, fun to read, and easy to navigate. On their web site you can learn more about why the folks at Fox Creek are committed to Quality that only comes from being Made In The U.S.A.

Look, If I didn't like Fox Creek Leather I'd let you know, but I do. If you don't want to take my word for it, check out their customer testimonials, or just ask one of your riding buddies who owns leathers from Fox Creek.