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June 2017 Store Customers

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John Brown is a repeat customer from Kirksville, Missouri who came down here to get Leather Motorcycle chaps and Fingerless deerskin gloves.

Clay and Tekla from Greensboro, NC came up to get a men's Highway 21 Vest.

Annie and her husband from Maryland came to ride the Claw of the dragon and stopped by to get a Women's classic II.

Father and son, Clay and Tom Rundell from Pennsylvania come down every year around Father's Day.

David Holland visited from Virginia Beach, VA. He took a few days vacation to wander with the only destination he had to get to being FCL. He was very happy to walk out of here with a pair of Beltless chaps that fit him as he’d had trouble in the past with chaps fitting correctly. He also ordered a Build Your Own Classic Vest in Buffalo Chocolate. He left FCL headed towards the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Ray Collins and his wife from Elkwood, VA were camping in Wytheville, VA and googled "leather shops near me". They drove down and bought a women's Zippered Touring vest, men's Classic Motorcycle vest, men's Summer Riding jacket, and sunglasses.

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Meet Minnie and her Victory Jackpot Trike

We had the pleasure of meeting Donita (aka Minnie) and husband Carlus Breland in May. Standing at 4'10.5" tall, every motorcycle Minnie has ridden has had to be modified for her. This particular bike, a 2007 Victory Jackpot, has been converted to a trike and received a special Disney motif paint job by her husband.Minnie [...]

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Ursula, aka the B.R.O.A.D.

Ursula Wachowiak has had a passion for motorcycles since a young age. Her enthusiasm for the biker community has spread as she motivates people to get out there and ride, chase their own dreams! In 2013 she decided to chase her long time dream of touring the US solo on her motorcycle. She camped wherever she could find [...]

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Women & Motorcycles in 1915

Effie Hotchkiss was only 26 years old when she made her historical trip across the US on a Harley Davidson with her 52 year old mother. Avis rode in the sidecar dubbed “The Bathtub”. Leaving from Brooklyn, New York in May of 1915 she traveled across many dirt roads where service stations were sparse and arrived in San Francisco, California [...]

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Women's Motorcycle Month

Did you know July is Women’s Motorcycle Month? This month we celebrate the growing number of women who ride motorcycles. We love to see women on two wheels and this month we’ll be featuring a few special ladies who have helped influence this growing trend. Bessie Stringfield was considered the Motorcycle Queen of the 1930s. She began her 60+ [...]

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Father's Day - Paul and his sons Pete and Seth

Pete and Seth started working on the road for Fox Creek Leather when Pete was seven and Seth was four. Working on the road meant sleeping in motels, vans, trucks, tents and stores in Daytona and Sturgis. Pete built Fox Creek Leather's first website and Seth is currently coordinating a comprehensive regeneration of Fox Creek Leather. [...]

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Farewell Brittany!

This week is a bittersweet one for the Fox Creek Leather family. Brittany has worked here for 6 years and she moved to Nelson County, Virginia on Thursday. Brittany started out a little on the shy side but has worked her way up to newsletter management, managing inventory and has especially excelled in customer [...]

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Honor A Veteran

"As I set my Flag this morning it rolled to a rise on a soft breeze and then quietly laid the wave back down. Another peaceful day started at my home, but not necessarily for the world.Fox Creek requested stories of Veterans for Memorial Day and so I want to submit my Father’s, Richard O’Hara.He served from 1955 and retired [...]

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Honoring The Fallen

Phil, whose Father is buried in Arlington Cemetery and Mother also served in the military, spent much of his time honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Country. We want to salute Phil for that, and his family for taking the time to honor him by sharing his story."My late husband of 26 [...]

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We Want To Hear From You!

Pictured above: Katy, Doug, Richard, and Opal; four Fox Creek Leather customers taking part in the Ride to the Wall. Doug, a Vietnam veteran, has been making the trip each year to honor lost friends.Do you have a story of a family member who has taken the ultimate sacrifice for our country? If you would like to share their story, [...]

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