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8th Annual Fox Tail Ride & Customer Appreciation

Posted by Terri Nichols on

Mountain Thunder – Motorists and farmers give right-of-way on narrow back roads to the mile long line of bikes touring Grayson County, Virginia

Grayson County, Virginia, USA – September 16, 2017 – 100 Motorcycles descend on the small town of Independence, Virginia for the 8th Annual Fox Tail Ride

In July 2010 Fox Creek Leather put together the first Customer Appreciation ride. “The first year we had about a dozen bikes and a live band. The following year we wanted to give everyone a ride in the autumn colors, but Mother Nature fooled us. Once we hit Mount Rogers, we were in the snow. That was October 2011.” At 5,728 feet, Mount Rogers is the highest peak in Virginia.

This year over 100 bikes thundered through 95 miles of curvy mountainous roads crossing rolling farm land, National Forest, Virginia's Crooked Road, and Grayson Highlands riding full circle back to Fox Creek Leather. Several motorists and a farm tractor transporting hay just pulled to the side of narrow country lanes to watch the roaring parade.

The Annual Fox Tail Ride brings Fox Creek Leather fans from across the U.S.A., Canada and sometimes as far away as Europe and Australia. Bikers stay in local hotels and cabins enjoying the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains from a Grayson County perspective. Twisty mountain roads call to a motorcycle rider's sense of adventure while local restaurants fill bikers with down home country meals. Regardless of where they went, riders noted that the friendly Grayson County folk always offered a smile with their change and helpful directions and advice.

The number of participants was impressive. The free event included a meal, over $400 in door prizes, the Grayson Highlands/Mount Rogers ride and entertainment: this year Common Ground (a band from Wytheville, VA) played until nearly 10pm. Bikers came from as far away as Arizona and Wyoming – over 2000 miles -- just to ride with the Fox Creek Leather crew. Many locals stopped mowing and gardening just to watch and listen to the bikes roll through. As the group approached Sugar Grove, about a dozen onlookers of all ages stood along the road to wave and cheer riders on. The Crooked Road (Highway 58) runs parallel to the New River on the final leg of the ride. This Wild and Scenic River is one of the oldest rivers in the world and flows south to north. Plans are already underway for next year’s ride.

Established in 1983, Fox Creek Leather has become recognized world-wide as a major manufacturer of quality leather motorcycle manufacturer in Independence, Virginia noted for their Made in America leather with a Lifetime Guarantee. 

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