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How Should My Motorcycle Jacket Fit?

How Should My Motorcycle Jacket Fit?

Posted by Rachel Hash on Mar 18th 2022

Many times we are asked by customers how their leather motorcycle jacket should fit. Should the jacket fit tight or loose? Sometimes finding the perfect fit can be difficult to achieve. You want … read more
Amazing jacket for riding and everyday life.

Amazing jacket for riding and everyday life.

Posted by Rustem Gumerov on May 19th 2021

Hello everyone, Initially there was a desire to buy a leather jacket that would satisfy two needs for riding a motorcycle and as a daily wear in order to carry the spirit of the road with you in … read more

Recapturing Freedom on a Motorcycle

Posted by Antonio Guerra on May 11th 2021

The summer of 1965 was a period confusion and social upheaval, especially if you happened to be a young man preparing to face the world fraught with uncertainty, as an 18-year-old high school gradu … read more

Nod of Approval

Posted by Mario Cancellieri on May 11th 2021

Dedicated to my WWII POW father who spent two and a half years in Stalag VI J, Germany. What kept him alive for those years was that his mother taught him how to use a needle and thread and he was … read more

For the Love of Vintage Motorcycles

Posted by Steve McKay on May 11th 2021

So, you also want a story... My story is I love motorcycles especially old British and Italian bikes of the sixty's & seventies and have been ride them for almost sixty years... As you can see … read more