Men's Leather Motorcycle Vests

What Customers Are Saying About Our American Made Leather Vests

Hands down the highest quality vest I've ever seen. The fit and craftsmanship are perfect couldn't be more pleased. I just received it today and was surprised at the thickness of the leather and how soft and pliable it is. I planned on having some patches sewn on but it's too nice for that. I'll be picking up a second lower grade model for that. - Randall
The Rebel vest exceeds all expectations. The American made quality shows on every detail. I looked at numerous vests at cycles shows and at the HD dealer, the Rebel vest is superior to all. The thickness of the leather, the stitching, and the overall design are
excellent! The customer service is also excellent. About 5 minutes after placing my order, they called me to ask a question about the size...that was awesome!!! - Anonymous
This vest screams quality. I have a cheap vest from another company and made in another country. That is a mistake I will not make again. The Highway 21 vest is made of thick but supple leather. From now on I will buy all my leather motorcycle clothing from Fox Creek Leather. The great customer service is an added bonus. - JTE
Wow, I am impressed with the quality of the leather. I had to show it off to my family as soon as I received it. The fit is great with or without my jacket underneath. I wish I knew about Fox Creek Leather before I bought my jacket. I love the fact that it is made in the U.S.A. And for it to be made in Virginia is just a bonus for me. My wife liked it enough that she wants one. Now I just need to call to see if they can do a custom snap for her on hers. - Erik
I recently ordered a custom version of this vest. I asked for thicker leather, no lower pockets, full back and side laces. For a nominal cost, I got what I asked for....and more. This is a wonderful vest!!! [...]Leather is thick, yet soft and pliable. The fit is very "custom". Like it was measured to fit me. I was told it could take 8-10 weeks, got in in just over 4. Wonderful vest by a wonderful American company!! THANK YOU! - Max
Wow. That's about the reaction I had when I removed my new vest from its package. That great craftsmanship and attention to detail! After looking at the vests at the local US made motorcycle shop... guess which one... I decided to take a chance and order one, sight unseen from Fox Creek. The gamble paid off in spades! I am very happy with my new vest, and will be giving future business to Fox Creek in the form of a jacket for my girlfriend (and maybe one for me!). - John
I was so tired of going into the local bike shops and finding nothing but thin, cheap vests made in Pakistan or China. I started looking for some good old "Made in the USA" vests and found Fox Creek Leather. I am so glad I did. This vest is absolutely first rate. Heavy, thick, soft leather that is great looking and well made - Rodney