2013 Yamaha VStar Pony Express Bags

Name: Marcus Hackett

Bike: 2013 Yamaha Vstar 950

Bags: Deluxe Pony Express Saddlebags

Notes: I saw on your fitment guide the Star 950 was listed as bolt-ons only, however if I pull off the rear seat and pull the rubber grommets off, the throwover set will fit perfectly and the seat still settles on the bike perfectly without rubbing in areas they are not supposed to. Just remove the grommets from under the passenger seat. The fender bib and yolk act as the cushion just as well as the 4 grommets. I purchased, on Ebay, just a closeout set of saddlebag brackets (Yamaha Star Brand) to prevent the bags from swinging in and hitting the rear tire.