Women's Leather Motorcycle Jackets

What Customers Are Saying About Our Women’s Leather Jackets

Consider yourself lucky if you've stumbled onto Fox Creek Leather at the beginning of your search, for search will be over quickly! I knew by the size of the box that Fox Creek Leather was different. It was much smaller. Afraid it was a lessor quality leather to be folded up like that, I opened the box and reached in for the jacket. As soon as my hand touched it, my whole reference for "soft leather" changed. How is it possible to have such thick protection and yet be so pliable and soft? When I pulled it out, I was shocked by how light-weight it was although the leather was thick. The moment of truth came when I put it on. I didn't feel like I had the entire weight of a cow on my back! I went and sat on my bike and was actually more comfortable! The expansion in the shoulders is extremely well placed. The fitted waist line keeps the jacket where you want it, and amazingly it does not ride up in the back or make a gap in the front you when sit on your bike. Instead, it seems to actually hug you more. The sleeves contour down your arm to your wrist in a tight fit, not allowing any cold air to rush in. The zip out inner lining also has an attached neck guard to eliminate the notorious distance between a leather jackets collar and you neck. This is a huge advantage as additional neck bulk really gets in the way of a comfortable ride. The pockets are amazing, and perfectly placed. - Throttle Girl, Utah
We have traveled over 15,000 miles on our motorcycle in the last 15 months, using it as our primary mode of transportation. As full-time RVers we are currently experiencing the beautiful Smokey Mountains of east TN. I wear my Classic I jacket every time we ride. It makes me feel secure every time I put it on. Going down the road in 90 plus weather, I am very comfortable, not getting hot as one would think in a black leather jacket. I have worn my jacket in the snow and kept warm and worn it when it was hot and kept cool. Only thing I can say is Fox Creek products are Awesome!!! Thanks for a fine quality product I can and have recommended to my friends.- April, Everywhere, USA
You will note the quality of its fabrication immediately. This jacket is versatile - collar and vents open on hot days (lapels snap down - no "flapping") or completely zipped with liner in when its cold (great double thickness of leather in the front when completely zipped). It is a bit longer than most jackets and I like that coverage. It also has a feminine shape despite its classic "biker" look. - Lin, Rhode Island
My husband ordered this jacket for me on May 3, 2012 for Mother's Day and I love it!! The gal that took the order was very helpful with my order and to my surprise I had to order a larger size. I had my doubts about the larger size as I usually don't wear the size she suggested, but it was perfect. We live in a cooler climate even in the summer and we usually wear heavy garments underneath our jackets and this jacket is so heavy I may not need anything warmer than a T-shirt which is fantastic! The jacket is made so well I'm thrilled. I have four Harley jackets and none of them are made this well. And, only one of them is made in the USA and that's a real shame!! Because we ride an American made bike. I'm totally stoked about this jacket. I'm very proud to be wearing something that's made here and not overseas. Thank you for making a wonderful product. I just couldn't be happier. - Charlotte, Alaska