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Leather Rebel Vest and Credit Card Trucker Wallet

Product Review by QBall

Fox Creek Leather Rebel Vest. I am no model. What I am is a dedicated fan of Fox Creek Leather. Here is a new vest that you will like a lot. It has a clean, functional design that makes it both comfortable, and particle.

Back of the leather vest.

The clean lines look great with or without a back patch.

Detail picture of the leather vest.

It has six pockets for your convenience, two waist-level exterior handwarmer pockets that close with zippers, and two hidden snap exterior breast pockets.

Detail view of the inside pocket on the leather vest.

This vest also has a leather trimmed inside pocket. For comfort and durability the vest is fully lined with poly-twill.

When wearing this good looking vest you can always be dressed for success. It has a gun pocket that is designed to fit up to a .45 caliber pistol. The large pocket is leather lined 6"x8" , with a small leather clip pocket.

One of the design features I like best is the collar. It is just tall enough to create a comfortable fit around your neck. Yet it is not too tall. Yes it is a good design, but what makes it great is the buttery soft, yet tough leather. What makes it special is the gifted USA craftsmen, customer service, and the guarantee for life only Fox Creek Leather is known for.

  • Crafted from supple, 1.1-1.2mm weight leather.
  • Hidden snaps for the ultimate clean look.
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee.

Fox Creek Leather calls it their "Credit Card Trucker Wallet". I call it the "Perfect Biker Wallet". Before some of you old schoolers go off on your "Credit Card Biker" rant, listen to what I have to say. The name trucker wallet comes from the men and women who drive for a living and need to carry everything they need in their back pocket. Well, so do I, and so does most of you. What makes this "Perfect" is the fact that by distributing the load, you can carry a lot without making a lump under your butt. It is the perfect width to fill a man’s/woman’s back pocket.

  • Crafted from soft, durable 2.0-2.2mm top-grain calfskin.
  • Includes 13.5" (34.2cm) heavy-duty chrome wallet chain with key ring.
  • Six card pockets and one ID window pocket.
  • Checkbook, check registry and cash pockets.
  • Black Fox Creek Leather snap closures.
  • Made in the USA.

See, you can spread your stuff out for a comfortable load. Now, I know what is perfect for some may not be just right for others. For me, I did not need the "Checkbook, check registry and cash pockets". I keep what little cash I have in my front pocket, so I cut that flap out to make it thinner. And still I can carry all that I need.

Quality craftsmanship, great design, made in the USA. What more can you ask for? OK you win, and Fox Creek leather sells other designs for men and women. While you are poking around their web site, you will find all kinds of useful quality products. There are some great gift ideas for you or someone worth your hard earned coin.