Fox Creek Leather - Ladies Riding Jacket

Third Party Review by RidersInfo.Net

Women's Summer Riding Jacket

Awesome women's leather jacket

The construction and materials used to make this jacket are remarkably top quality. Immediately you notice the top-grain leather and how soft it is.  It feels like the jacket you have been wearing for years, broken in - ready to ride, right out of the box.  This isn’t a thin, flimsy leather; the leather used for this jacket is bona-fide riding material, meant to provide protection from the elements, and if necessary, crash protection.

Another feature, that continues to impress me, is the zipper. This jacket zips up easily each and every time.

The "summer" part of the description becomes apparent in the lining and the zipping vents. The lining is mesh, as opposed to the usual 100% nylon lining in most riding jackets, allowing the jacket to breathe in hot weather. The back vents have hidden zippers that you can open for maximum air movement. They have even put hidden zippers in the inner/upper arm area, allowing air to reach critical areas.

Ladies leather riding jacket

The fit and function of the jacket exceeded all my expectations. I have complete freedom of movement while operating my motorcycle, even
when I have additional layers on. The length of the sleeves are perfect even with my arms extended.

In Custer Park, SD. By the time the storm ended (one of four that day) I was soaked everywhere but from my neck to my waist! Pictured right.

The biggest challenge I seem to have with all jackets is the torso length. With the Fox Creek Leather Ladies Summer Riding Jacket my lower back is completely covered when leaning over. To add to the safety feature of this jacket, the back bottom of the jacket is padded, a.k.a. padded kidney belt. Need more safety? This jacket also has reflective piping on the front and back seams, which appear black
unless illuminated with light.

Leather Jacket on the road

The interior pockets (one which zips and the other snaps) have a ridiculous amount of room without looking or feeling bulky. I only have a sissy bar bag on my bike, so I tend to load up my pockets. A typical ride will include my cell phone, card/money holder, reading glasses, & chapstick. On our trip to Sturgis; add to that, a folded map, my husband’s pack of cigarettes, a pen and a notepad! At one point during our trip, as my husband kept handing things to me, I said "NO! I am not a pack mule!"

Last but not least, the customer service at Fox Creek Leather is superb! Fox Creek wants your gear to fit you perfect, so they ask all the necessary questions to make sure this happens. Need the jacket now? Two days after I ordered the jacket it was at my home!

Finally, a ladies riding jacket actually designed to fit ladies!! Well done!