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Third Party Review by Q-Ball on VTwinBiker.Com

Leather Swing Arm Bag - aka Chopper Bag


Change is good, and as time goes on I too am changing. Not much mind you, but I seem to be reverting back to my old ways. When riding meant more than chrome, and rust was an option. Lately I’ve found myself hanging with a like minded younger crowd who are into home built minimal rides. It’s great to see young bloods building and riding bikes like the ones we cobbled together in the 60s and 70s.

One thing that caught my eye was solo bags on some of the bikes. They had nice clean lines that did not distract from the rest of the bike. Seems I’m not the only one who has made this observation. Solo bags are popping up everywhere on hard tails and softtails alike. So when my old friends at Fox Creek Leather decided to offer them, I decided it was time to give them a try. I’ve been sporting a pair of Fox Creek Fatboy Saddlebags with 70,000 plus miles on them. Considering what they have been through, they are in great shape. I can carry everything I need for long trips, but I don’t always need that much storage in day to day riding. The new solo bag looked like it would fit the bill.


When the new Solo bag showed up, it too had all the ear marks of Fox Creek products. The construction and material goes beyond military specs. All I can say is, Fox Creek should make tanks! It’s all about details, and they did not skimp on material or Made in the USA Craftsmanship. “Crafted from thick, durable top grain cowhide”. I did not know cow’s had hides this thick. What the hell are they feeding them, and how in the hell did they mould it into such a pleasing shape? They even went and doubled up on the leather in key areas. The bag comes in two sizes regular 10" x 11.5" x 3" and the wide 10" x 11.5" x 5". I opted for the wide so I could shove my full size SLR camera in there. The bag has quick release buckles hidden under adjustable traditional hardware. The combination makes for easy adjustable access. Every aspect of these bags is well thought out, and finished.

If you could use some storage on your softail, or hardtail and don’t want the bulk of traditional bags these may be just what you need. Fox Creek Leather even has right side solo bags upon request. While your poking around their website check out all their Made in the USA leather offerings. But, to truly appreciate what Fox Creek Leather is all about, give them a call. That’s right, you can actually have a down home conversation with one of their knowledgeable, and friendly staff. Or stop by their shop in the hills of Independence, Virginia to see why they are so loved and respected by their customers. Tell them Q-Ball sent you.