Men's Highway 21 Vest

$278.00 - $358.00
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Vintage Spirit, Modern Craft - A Tribute to Timeless Style with the Durability for Today's Roads


  • Crafted from 1.2-1.4mm black full grain leather.
  • Full back piece - perfect for club colors!
  • Laced sides for adjustable fit.
  • Two 5" x 7" front zipper pockets.
  • Inside 6" x 8" gun pocket with snap closure.
  • Leather-trimmed breast pocket.
  • YKK Antique Nickel Hardware.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

Step into a world where classic allure meets contemporary precision with the Men's Highway 21 Vest. This vest isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a bridge between the legendary past and the refined present, tailored for those who carry the heritage of the ride and demand the durability of the new age.

Full Grain Leather: Experience the distinction with our exclusive 1.2 - 1.4 mm full-grain leather that strikes the perfect balance between durability, protection and comfort, offering a versatile option for the discerning rider. It’s a favorite for its ability to withstand the elements while maintaining a classic, stylish look that ages gracefully.

Seamless Full Back: Our seamless full back motorcycle vest combines style and durability, providing a perfect canvas for personalization while ensuring comfort and protection. The back width on a size 40 vest is 15" and it gets a bit wider with the larger sizes.

Strategic 4-pocket design: Engineered with a 4-pocket design, blending style with functionality. It boasts a spacious 6" x 8" concealed carry pocket with a hidden barrel pouch for secure, discreet firearm storage, complemented by a leather-trimmed breast pocket that adds a touch of elegance. Additionally, two 5" x 7" front zipper pockets provide convenient access to essentials like keys or a pocket knife, ensuring readiness for any journey.

Laced Sides: Laced sides enhance adjustability, ensuring a perfect fit through changing seasons and offering ease of wear, crucial for your comfort and convenience. This feature allows personalization while enhancing the vest's longevity, adapting to the rider's size changes or layering needs.

Made in the USA with a Lifetime Guarantee: Proudly made in the USA and reflecting our commitment to quality and ethical manufacturing. This vest is more than just apparel; it's a symbol of our dedication to supporting local artisans and upholding high standards, assured by our lifetime guarantee. Embrace a garment that delivers not only enduring style and superior durability but also embodies the integrity of true American-made excellence.

*These are handmade items and may vary from one to another due to craftsmanship and materials. Your piece will be made from a hide that is unique in that it may show difference in grain and natural markings.

Fox Creek Leather Lifetime Guarantee:
  • Covers Snaps, Zippers, Grommets and Seamwork (excluding liners) in our Leather Vests, Jackets, Chaps and Overpants for the original purchaser.
  • Does not cover damage due to accident, neglect* or abuse.
  • Full Grain Leather displays range marks and scars that make each item unique. These scars are NOT defects and only add to the richness and story of the product.
  • The grain of each hide varies from animal to animal so texture will vary from one item to the next.

*Leather requires regular maintenance and care to remain strong, supple and beautiful.