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June 2017 Store Customers

Jul 20th 2017

John Brown is a repeat customer from Kirksville, Missouri who came down here to get Leather Motorcycle chaps and Fingerless deerskin gloves. Clay and Tekla from Greensboro, NC came up to ge … read more

Meet Minnie and her Victory Jackpot Trike

Jul 14th 2017

We had the pleasure of meeting Donita (aka Minnie) and husband Carlus Breland in May. Standing at 4'10.5" tall, every motorcycle Minnie has ridden has had to be modified for her. This particular bike, … read more

Ursula, aka the B.R.O.A.D.

Jul 12th 2017

Ursula Wachowiak has had a passion for motorcycles since a young age. Her enthusiasm for the biker community has spread as she motivates people to get out there and ride, chase their own dreams! In … read more

Women & Motorcycles in 1915

Jul 10th 2017

Effie Hotchkiss was only 26 years old when she made her historical trip across the US on a Harley Davidson with her 52 year old mother. Avis rode in the sidecar dubbed “The Bathtub”. Leaving from B … read more

Women's Motorcycle Month

Jul 5th 2017

Did you know July is Women’s Motorcycle Month? This month we celebrate the growing number of women who ride motorcycles. We love to see women on two wheels and this month we’ll be featuring a fe … read more