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How Your Leather Vest Is Supposed To Fit

Posted by chippywarren on Mar 23rd 2012

Every person has their own reason for wearing leather vests. How you will wear your vest will determine how it should fit.Brent and his mom sporting our Buffalo Nickel Vests!Most riders just want a mo … read more

How Your Motorcycle Jacket Is Supposed to Fit

Posted by chippywarren on Jan 4th 2012

Something I’ve heard a lot is, “I’ve never had a motorcycle jacket before, how is it supposed to fit?”. Wearing a leather motorcycle jacket is different from your suit or leisure jacket.The simple ans … read more

Fox Creek Leather’s Customer Appreciation Ride

Posted by chippywarren on Oct 14th 2011

Thirty-four degrees and SNOW?The Gang at Grayson Highlands Ten days before our second customer appreciation day the weatherman was calling for bright sun in the 60’s. The forecast devolved until the … read more

Deerskin vs. Cowhide Gloves

Posted by chippywarren on Aug 15th 2011

Deerskin GlovesWe have a great selection of American made deerskin gloves and other motorcycle gloves.Deerskin is one of the most difficult leathers to work with, both in it’s tanning process, and in … read more

What To Look for When Choosing the Right Saddlebag

Posted by chippywarren on Mar 8th 2011

So you’re looking for some saddlebags for your bike, and you’re finding it a bit overwhelming. Not a problem, let’s see if I can help. As with all decisions, one needs to start with oneself. What k … read more