Bleeding Leather

Posted by foxcreekleather on Mar 28th 2006

A couple of customers have asked us about their gloves “bleeding” dye. This usually happens when the gloves are new and have been worn in a down pour of rain.

This is what I have learned about bleeding leather:

It is not uncommon for leather dye to “bleed” especially if the item is not dyed with the drum-dye process. Leather dyes will bleed from the material if the garment gets wet. This bleeding is normal and will occur only for a short period of time.

The dye will not hurt the garment, and usually washes off the skin with soap and water. Wiping the garment down with a leather oil soap and then a dry rag may help extract some of the dye.

We have had a couple of pair of Lee Park’s Gloves bleed. What Lee recommends is for you to hand wash his gloves with Woolite. Then (like any leather) you want to let them air dry away from a heat source (and out of direct sunlight).

If you have any questions regarding your leathers, we recommend contacting the manufacturer for their specific bleeding leather treatments and recommendations.