More Bracket Options…

Posted by foxcreekleather on Jun 29th 2006

Those of you who visit our site regularly may of noticed a change. We are now proud to carry Easy Bracket’s Mounting Hardware for our customers.

If Easy Bracket’s doesn’t have the brackets to work for your bike or you have a personal preference for the Ghost Brackets, just let us know.

For further information on Easy Brackets, you can visit their website or read on here: Why Easy Brackets Bolt-on Saddlebag System?

The Easy Bracket bolt-on saddlebag system provides many benefits.

  • Allows you to mount your saddlebags without damaging the paint on the rear fender which can often happen with throw-over saddlebag style mounts.
  • Convenience of a quick-release mechanism which turns your saddlebags into portable pieces of luggage. A must if you road trip frequently and works great with our Easy Tote.
  • Kits are made especially for the motorcycles. Forget the hassles from ‘Universal’ or ‘Adjustable’ kits that offer less than an ideal fit or make it difficult to line up the docking posts properly.
  • Clean look when you remove the bag. No ugly hardware left behind.
  • With some motorcycle models, you can avoid conflicts with high shotgun pipes.
  • Superior design – enclosed locking areas, covered barrel locks and covered side panels that help keep road grime out and increase the durability and long-term functionality of Easy Brackets versus other popular models.
  • Lower Incline Angle – Other popular saddlebag bolt-on systems have a 10 degree angle, making the bags stick out too far from the motorcycle. The Easy Brackets have a smaller 5 degree angle, making the bags sit more flush to the motorcycle for better looks.