HOW TO.. Wear Your Beltless Chaps!

Posted by harristimesfive on Nov 3rd 2015

Have you ever wondered how to wear Beltless Chaps? They are becoming a popular item around here.

Our Beltless Leather Motorcycle Chaps have no waist band, you use your own belt and snap these chaps on and you are ready to go! Thick, supple 1.4-1.6mm full grain leather will mold itself to fit your body perfectly. Our motorcycle chaps zip on and off easily.


Tyler, a Fox Creek Leather repeat customer, says:

“Like my jacket, vest, and gloves, I was just as impressed with my beltless chaps. I took them for a test ride shortly after they arrived. The fit was perfect. Just the right tightness over my jeans and boots that still left room to move freely. They are heavy enough to know you’ll be protected, but not so much to pull down on your belt.”

Beltless Chaps are available at You can also purchase Build Your Own Beltless Chaps, this option gives you more opportunity to customize them just for you, and they are available at

Below you can visit us on You Tube for a brief “How To” video.