Beautiful Day To Ride Motorcycles

Posted by chippywarren on Nov 6th 2013

We had a wonderful day on October 19th for our 4th Annual Customer Celebration and Fox Tail Ride and made some new friends. Gorgeous scenery, fun companions and good food made for a really fun ride.

About 22 bikes left Fox Creek Leather around 1:15. We wound our way through Comers Rock heading the ‘back way’ to Sugar Grove, up to Mount Rogers, and a stop to stretch our legs at Elk Garden on Whitetop. Beautiful spot – if you are in the area, bring your camera. You can see forever from here.

Heading back on Rt 58 we pass Grayson Highlands, make a quick fueling stop in Volney then back home. All in all about 90-95 miles and the better part of 4 hours well spent on a Saturday afternoon.

To top it off, there was lots of really good food waiting for us when we got back. A couple folks won their choice of Fox Creek Leather T-shirts and Elaine was thrilled to win a new Women’s Braid and Dime Vest.

Several riders exchanged contact info and plan to meet up again. While most of our riders were within a couple hours ride of Independence, Paul from Hampton, GA and Jim from Massachusetts traveled the farthest for the event. Jim even took advantage of camping at the pond. What better way to make new friends than on a bike?