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THE Belt

Posted by harristimesfive on Nov 5th 2015

Our Leather Belts are made from thick latigo harness leather. This leather belt is a one piece belt that will not come apart as many pieced leather belts do. Our belts are suitable for dr … read more

A Stylish Jacket With Solid Features

Posted by harristimesfive on Nov 4th 2015

A frequent customer of ours, Barry Campbell, enjoys taking trips up to see us at Fox Creek Leather. One of his most recent purchases was the new Striped Racing Jacket.Below are his thoughts on that ja … read more

HOW TO.. Wear Your Beltless Chaps!

Posted by harristimesfive on Nov 3rd 2015

Have you ever wondered how to wear Beltless Chaps? They are becoming a popular item around here.Our Beltless Leather Motorcycle Chaps have no waist band, you use your own belt and snap these chaps on … read more

Ride to the Wall

Posted by harristimesfive on Oct 29th 2015

Doug, starting out his Ride to the Wall in Wytheville, VAMy brother Richard and I started our trip in Wytheville Va. at 6:00 Thursday morning. The weather report was calling for rain to set in this … read more

LIMBitless Possibilities…

Posted by harristimesfive on Feb 10th 2015

It is my hope that readers were able to check out the lead-in article to the Amp’d Rider Project from the last issue. This project has given me more insight and education than I could have imagined wh … read more