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Farewell Brittany!

Jun 3rd 2017

This week is a bittersweet one for the Fox Creek Leather family. Brittany has worked here for 6 years and she moved to Nelson County, Virginia on Thursday. Brittany started out a little on the sh … read more

Honor A Veteran

May 29th 2017

"As I set my Flag this morning it rolled to a rise on a soft breeze and then quietly laid the wave back down. Another peaceful day started at my home, but not necessarily for the world.Fox Creek re … read more

Honoring The Fallen

May 29th 2017

Phil, whose Father is buried in Arlington Cemetery and Mother also served in the military, spent much of his time honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Country. We want to salute Phil … read more

Valentine's Day Photo Contest

Jan 27th 2017

Your love for something can grow stronger thru your love for someone. Melinda developed her love for motorcycles after meeting Bill, and they have been riding ever since, going on 29 years!Bill and … read more