Men's Summer Riding Jacket

$440.00 - $520.00
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Ultimate style and protection on the hot summer days.

The Summer Motorcycle Jacket is designed to be the perfect riding jacket for bikers who ride in hot weather. It is constructed of lightweight drum-tanned full-grain cowhide leather that will keep you comfortable in any weather condition.
It features two generous rear and sleeve vents that provide excellent ventilation, and a minimalist front look showcasing the premium quality of the leather.


  • U.S. sourced 1.0-1.2mm full-grain cowhide leather.
  • Dual rear and sleeve vents with a tough mesh shell to allow maximum airflow.
  • Left snapped and right zippered inside pockets.
  • Antique Nickel YKK hardware.
  • Gun pocket for the right-handed (Contact us if you are left-handed).
  • Zippered sleeves and zippers on the sides to allow for adjustment.
  • Armor provisional pockets in the elbows, shoulders, and back.
  • Handcrafted in the USA.
  • Lifetime Guarantee!

"This jacket elicited an immediate bond of affection with me. It lends itself to all the peripheral duties of a great motorcycle jacket: pillow, blanket, bed, drop cloth and trusted friend. Comfortable to carry, comfortable to wear, reassuring to touch - easy to look at. If Frank Sinatra were to stand in the shadows with a leather motorcycle jacket slung over his shoulders, this is the one he'd use." ~ Paul, Founder of Fox Creek Leather


Sleeves and rear vents:

Rear Vents

Both the sleeve and rear vents have a tough mesh shell that helps maximize the airflow in the jacket providing you with great ventilation and comfort.
The Summer Riding Jacket adapts to changing weather conditions with the tug of a zipper. Open vents wide for maximum cooling during the heat of the day, and close vents completely to help keep rain and cold out.

Armor pockets:

The summer jacket has armor pockets in your elbow, shoulders, and back. The pockets are compatible with most CE level 1 and level 2 armor types, ensuring your maximum protection and safety on the road.
We provide CE level 2 Forcefield armor, which can be purchased separately here.

NOTE: T-Pro Armor may not fit all shoulder pockets unless it is trimmed to fit. Elbow and back armor should fit without trimming.

Fox Creek Leather Lifetime Guarantee:
  • Covers Snaps, Zippers, Grommets and Seamwork (excluding liners) in our Leather Vests, Jackets, Chaps and Overpants for the original purchaser.
  • Does not cover damage due to accident, neglect* or abuse.
  • Full Grain Leather displays range marks and scars that make each item unique. These scars are NOT defects and only add to the richness and story of the product.
  • The grain of each hide varies from animal to animal so texture will vary from one item to the next.

*Leather requires regular maintenance and care to remain strong, supple and beautiful.