Fox Creek Leather Trivia Contest

Posted by foxcreekleather on Jul 31st 2006

The Fox Creek Leather trivia questions are all related to the Fox Creek Leather Website, Fox Creek Leather Products, and the Fox Creek Leather Staff.  Winners who answer all questions correctly will receive a $25 gift certificate to Fox Creek Leather.  Just reply to this blog or e-mail (with “FCL Trivia Answers” in the subject line) with the answers to the following 10 questions.  Also give us your full name and tell us how to contact you.

(The Fox Creek Leather Trivia Contest starts on August 1, 2006 and ends on August 31, 2006. Questions have been derived from the website. The contest winners will be notified and prizes awarded approximately one month after the closing date of the contest.)

And now, here are the trivia questions.

1.       What year did Fox Creek Leather go on-line?
A)      1982
B)      1989
C)      1999
D)      2002
2.       ­­­­­­­What gives us the flexibility to custom make a garment when some one’s measurements fall outside our stock sizes?
A)      We are a small family owned company.
B)      We ensure fair labor practices.
C)      We work 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
D)      Domestic manufacturing.
3.      Why do Fox Creek Leather’s garments readily absorb conditioning oils? 
A)      We use naked leather.
B)      We use treated leather.
C)      We use drum dyed leather.
D)      We use only porous leather.
4.      How many variations of any one style of saddlebag do we offer?
A)      2
B)      6
C)      4
D)      3
5.       What comes in a Large Tool Bag Gift Set?
A)       Heavy-Duty 12″ Tool Bag, Men’s Lined Deerskin Gauntlets, Montana Pitch Blend Leather Oil, and Long Lever Covers.
B)      Standard 10″ Tool Bag and MPB Leather Care Kit
C)      Leather Roll Bag, Leather Face Mask, Long Throttle Lever Covers, Men’s Lined Deer Skin Gauntlets, and Montana Pitch Blend Leather Care Kit
D)      Heavy-Duty 9″ Tool Bag, Leather Face Mask, and 2 Fancy Vest Extenders.
6.      The difference between a Classic I Jacket and a Classic II Jacket is:
A)      Two outside pockets and a belt.
B)      An outside pocket and a belt.
C)      An inside pocket, a watch pocket, and a belt.
D)      Two outside pockets and an inside pocket.
7.      How many of our leather vests have buffalo nickel head snaps?
A)      4
B)      6
C)      2
D)      8
8.      What is another name for Latigo Leather?
A)      Harness Leather
B)      Belly Leather
C)      Leather Hide
D)      Wood Leather
9.      Which is NOT covered by our lifetime guarantee?
A)      A zipper on the jacket sleeve is broken. 
B)      Chaps had a seam come loose on a ride.
C)      Vest with a broken snap.
D)      Liner was left in the rain and rusted the zipper.
10.    If you live in Washington State and order a jacket (which is in stock and shipping with UPS ground delivery) in how many business days could you expect delivery?
A)      6
B)      5
C)      3
D)      4

Thank you for your trivia question submission.  Good Luck.