For the Love of Vintage Motorcycles

Posted by Steve McKay on May 11th 2021

So, you also want a story... My story is I love motorcycles especially old British and Italian bikes of the sixty's & seventies and have been ride them for almost sixty years... As you can see from the butt shot of my 67 Bonny & my 71 750 /5 I also like Fox Creek leather goods... My other bikes keep asking when they are going to get their fox Creek bags but I keep saying to them that at 72 years old maybe I will be lucky and win a contest...

Anyways if I did win, I would ask you to take the cost of the prize and do something nice for someone like a kid a cop or a veteran or even go to your local coffee shop and have a cup on me and leave the waitress or waiter the value of the prize.

Keep making great products and Thanks for being a great company to deal with, Stay safe