MPB Leather Oil

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  • Leather Oil by Montana Pitch Blend
  • Water repellent to maintain the beauty of your leathers.
  • Protects against drying and cracking by replenishing natural oils.
  • Field tested. Proven effective in rugged, adverse conditions by people who work and play outdoors.
  • 100% mink oil and pine pitch. Contains no silicone or petroleum products.
  • Fresh, natural pine scent.
  • 8 ounce size

We recommend Montana Pitch Blend Leather Oil to anyone who wants to periodically care for their garment. If you plan on riding in the rain, you may wish to supplement your leather care with Montana Pitch Blend's Leather Dressing.

MPB Leather Oil is 100% mink oil and pine pitch. Their product is not diluted with petroleum distillates or other oils. Proper leather care is integral to maintaining the beauty and quality of your Fox Creek garment over time.

To use, make sure leather is clean and dry. Apply with hand or soft cloth and work in well. Leather may be slightly tacky until product is absorbed. Buff briskly with lint-free cloth for faster absorption. For best result, store and use at room temperature.

Not for use on suede or fine leather such as lambskin.

Please read these Quick Start Instructions from Montana Pitch Blend. Also check our Guide to Leather Care.

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