Doc Bailey's Leather Black Kit

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  • Cleans, preserves, waterproofs!
  • For use on all black leather & vinyl.
  • Contains NO Silicone!
  • Applicator included.
  • 4 fl oz. bottle

The Original Doc Bailey's Leather Black actually contains a dye pigment that restores lost colour. It also cleans, nourishes and waterproofs. Doc Bailey's Leather Black gently cleans leather with specially formulated detergents which actually lift dirt out, opening the pores of the leather allowing the lanolin oil to flow into the leather nourishing and softening it. Doc Bailey's Leather Black actually penetrates deep into the leather to restores lost colour. As a finishing touch, special waxes lock the colour in which protects and waterproofs your leather. Not for use on Buckskin or Suede.

Kit includes 4 oz. Leather Black, applicator and applicator cloth.

Below is a picture of a customer's Classic Motorcycle Jacket II. He was in an accident and used Doc Bailey's to help rejuvenate his motorcycle jacket.

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