ColdPruf Platinum Thermal Pants

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  • CPT Fiber Technology.
  • 2 Layer Warmth.
  • 100% CPT Performance Polyester inside layer.
  • 70% Polyester, 30% Merino Wool outside layer.
  • Color is Black.
  • Designed and Knit in the USA, Assembled in Mexico.
  • Returns not accepted.

The ColdPruf Platinum Thermal Pants are designed for maximum cold weather comfort at medium to high activity levels in extreme cold weather conditions. The Platinum two layer thermal pants have been specifically engineered with the ColdPruf® technology to trap air between the layers of fabric to provide a natural warmth shield. The combination of Merino wool and polyester on the outside and the CPT polyester on the inside provides maximum warmth, dryness, and comfort and at the same time providing odor control. The ColdPruf Platinum Thermal Pants have a comfort waistband and features flat seams and functional open fly front.

Fox Creek Leather Lifetime Guarantee:
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  • The grain of each hide varies from animal to animal so texture will vary from one item to the next.

*Leather requires regular maintenance and care to remain strong, supple and beautiful.