Chain Vest Extender | Sold in Pairs (2)

$22.00 - $24.50
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  • Sold in Pairs, you get 2 extenders
  • Compatible with all of our Motorcycle Vests.
  • We use Authentic US Mint Coins.
  • Oil tanned leather facing connected by two parallel chromed chains.
  • Measures 5 inches from snap to snap.

Fox Creek Leather's Snap Vest Extenders are compatible with all of our Men's and Women's Motorcycle Vests. To be sure we have the snap facing the correct direction, indicate if the vest is a Men’s or Women’s Vest.

Snaps are embedded in an oil tanned leather facing and connected by two parallel chromed chains. These extenders will fit any of our vests. We hand forge our own liberty dime snaps from genuine Liberty Dimes as well as Indian Pennies.

NOTE: The Coin Snap Options are Authentic US Mint coins - NOT replicas.

Fox Creek Leather Lifetime Guarantee:
  • Covers Snaps, Zippers, Grommets and Seamwork (excluding liners) in our Leather Vests, Jackets, Chaps and Overpants for the original purchaser.
  • Does not cover damage due to accident, neglect* or abuse.
  • Full Grain Leather displays range marks and scars that make each item unique. These scars are NOT defects and only add to the richness and story of the product.
  • The grain of each hide varies from animal to animal so texture will vary from one item to the next.

*Leather requires regular maintenance and care to remain strong, supple and beautiful.