Boot Lickers

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  • Nickel-plated hardware
  • One size fits all
  • Hand Made in USA
  • Two Year Warranty

Now you can ride without having your work slacks becoming knee breeches in the wind. The Boot lickers secures your pants to your laces. They are made for riders who wear flat-soled shoes or sneakers with laces. Made with the same durable clips as the Biker Stirrups, the boot lickers snag the bottom shoelace with the "tongue" or middle part of the "m" and clip to the front of your pants. Bending the "tongue" up slightly will help prevent the clip from coming undone. Bootlickers are sold in pairs.

Please make sure your bootlickers are securely fastened to the bottom edge of your pants. Do not place the clips on the thickest part of the cuff and do not force the clip shut if too much resistance is felt. Forcing the clips shut will result in the bending of the "half-moon tension tab" and the loss of tension. Move the clip to an area of the cuff where the clip closes easily and with a snap.