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Magic Mattress Ride

Posted by terri4fcl on May 14th 2014

February 21, 2014 I was headed from NC to Pensacola, Florida. with 6 other bikers. We were headed down for a club party on the beach. We left at 4:30 a.m. that Friday morning. The weather called for … read more

Motorcycle Safety Equipment

Posted by terri4fcl on Mar 25th 2014

I’m so pleased with my Fox Creek jacket that I had to share my experience. As a motorcyclist, I believe in wearing safety equipment. You don’t have to wrap yourself in a bunch of bubble wrap but t … read more

This little bull has a lot of spunk!

Posted by terri4fcl on Feb 27th 2014

Everyone who knows my family well knows one thing for sure, we love animals. Big ones, little ones, pets and livestock are all the same to us. On February 16 (three days after our biggest snows … read more

I should have bought one 20 years ago

Posted by terri4fcl on Jan 16th 2014

Andreas from Germany wearing his Classic I Motorcycle Jacket “Should have bought one 20 years ago” I am riding motorcycles since 1982 and I have had several jackets during thousands of mil … read more

Beautiful Day To Ride Motorcycles

Posted by chippywarren on Nov 6th 2013

We had a wonderful day on October 19th for our 4th Annual Customer Celebration and Fox Tail Ride and made some new friends. Gorgeous scenery, fun companions and good food made for a really fun ride … read more