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You need a trunk for your junk!

Unless you have an extended warranty, and don’t mind sitting by the side of the road for hours because of a simple repair, then you need to carry some essentials. Most motorcycles don’t have trunks, some don’t have saddle bags. If you don not want to become a scenic attraction, you really need a tool bag.

How much you pack is up to you. I ride allot by my lonesome, and carry over 5 pounds of tools, spare parts, and supplies. I have saddle bags, but have found putting all that stuff in them tends to make it hard to find what you need in a pinch.

Details make this bag a stylish functional addition to any bike. Crafted from heavy-duty 3.2mm-3.4mm (8.0-8.6oz.) latigo leather by fellow Americans makes this a classic beauty. Rolled and stitched piping, heavy duty hardware, riveted stress points, all add up to the best for less than a lot of imports.

Its heavy duty construction will keep its shape, and good looks for a long, long time. With a little care, it will last longer than most bikes.

Mounting to any sissy bar is easy with two 22" nylon d-ring straps(included). These straps are also heavy duty, and are much easier than leather straps to work with. Not to mention they will not stretch like leather straps.

Measuring 8"W x 8"H x 4"D this bag is just the right size to hold everything you need. At the same time it’s proportions fits nicely on your sissy bar without looking too big. I am able to carry all the tools I need along with spare parts, gloves and eye protection.


It’s getting to be that time of year again when we start bundling up against the elements. If this is your first cold weather riding season, or if you’re looking to upgrade your hand protection, the FCL Drawstring Gauntlet - Lined Deerskin gloves may be what you’re looking for. Fox Creek Leather is always improving on a good thing. They know what bikers need, and are looking for. After all they have been supplying bikers with the best Made In The USA leather goods for over 30 years.

The new draw string gauntlets are made from buttery soft, yet durable deer skin. The fit and finish of these gloves are second to none. They are amazingly flexible which makes them fit right from the first time you put them on. They pack easily in a compact space, so you can always have them when needed. Deer shin is unique in many ways. It’s insulating quality far exceeds its bulk. It’s strength is surprising considering how soft it feels.

Update. These gloves performed well down to the mid 30s. I carry wool glove liners for even colder riding. Even though they are not water proof, they did a great job of keep my hands conformable on cold misty days. The workmanship is second to none, and the soft deer skip molds to your hands. The soft lining makes wearing them almost an X-Rated experience. If I am not wearing these gloves, I have them close by just in case.


Fox Creek Leather engineered in a one handed draw string cuff to keep the cold out. The stretchy shock cord snug’s down without binding. You have to use it to believe how well it works.


Another nice feature is the Velcro adjustable wrist band. This too keeps the cold out while providing support and comfort for your wrist.

Fox Creek Leather also added extra leather to the palm, and knuckles for added protection, and comfort. They only use the best leather available. Workmanship, and design make for a superior fit, and functionality.


The tag tells it all. Fox Creek Leather is made in the USA. Their craftsmen take pride in their work.

Once again, this is a No Bull Road Test. If I did not like then, I wouldn't waste our time.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably bought a small fortune in cheap sunglasses. Then again you may have spent a king’s ransom on a pair of imported designer shades. If you are considering a new pair of riding glasses, then check out these Made in the USA Gatorz® Precision Eyewear.

For less than allot of imported designer eyewear you can proudly wear Made in the USA real eye protection.

Gatorz® are built like tanks, and light as a feather. It’s like wearing some top secret military gear.


"MADE in USA". Find this on your shades. Try to find it on most high dollar shades. If you are going to spend your hard earned dollar where do you want it to go, China? Then consider all the quality, and engineering that goes into Gatorz®.

Ever been scooting down the road, and been smacked with a UFO the size of a base ball? At least, that what it felt like. Then, wiping guts, and plastic parts off your face. I will guarantee, from then on you will want to wear real eye protection.


When our friends at Fox Creek Leather asked me to road test Gatorz® I picked Black Anodized Frames with Orange Lenses. The lenses are darker on the top and lighter on the bottom. This makes them perfect for day, and night riding. The darker top shades the eyes. The lighter bottom improves contrast making it easier to see at night, in the fog, and rain. The lenses are also slightly mirrored, and give 100% UV protection.

The frames can be shaped to fit your head (easy instructions included). Try shaping most sunglasses, and they fall apart. A silicone nose pad, and neoprene rubber temple pads ensure a comfortable snug fit. I even got them to fit my XXL pumpkin head.


I chose the Gatorz® Velocity Black Anodized - Orange Lenses. They fit comfortably for all day riding eye protection. Fox Creek Leather also carries Black Anodized - Black Lenses, or Polished Chrome - Black Lenses in Gatorz® Radiator, and Gatorz® Wraptor. All are good looking Made in the USA Eye Armor. What more can you ask for? Made in USA, highest quality, engineering, and good looks. How about a money back guarantee, and the friendly folks at Fox Creek Leather to deal with. Really, it doesn’t get any better than that!

I give them 5 stars for protection, comfort, and design. Treat yourself, or someone you love to the best USA made for less than import.

Once again, this is a No Bull Road Test. If I did not like then, I wouldn't waste our time. Please be sure to purchase through one of my links so I get credit. Tell them Q-Ball sent you. Long May You Ride, Q-Ball