Exchange? No problem.

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First off, let me point out that the customer service of Fox Creek Leather is unmatched and way beyond that of what’s expected these days. When I first ordered the vest, it was WAY too small and I called them up to ask about an exchange. They said they would send a larger size out immediately without waiting for me to return the smaller one back to them. I was surprised they would trust a buyer on the honor system, but that just goes to show their level of service!

I ended up keeping the smaller size for my mother, as it fit her great, and I told them to just go ahead and bill me for the larger size. They did so, and I ended up getting the larger size the very next day! Try finding customer service like that anywhere else!

The vest itself is fantastic. A great fit, high quality materials and it looks as good, if not better, than the much more expensive vests you’d get from Harley. I measured a 38 inch chest, but as stated, the 38 was so small I could barely get it on. I ended up going with a size 42 and it’s a great fit! I’d suggest going a size or two larger as they seem to run quite small. I couldn’t be happier with my vest, and I will always recommend Fox Creek Leather to anyone interested in any type of leather product!


Brent S.
Holly Springs, NC

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