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Classic Motorcycle Jacket I

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Classic Motorcycle Jacket I


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Classic Motorcycle Jacket I
Classic Motorcycle Jacket I
Classic Motorcycle Jacket I
Classic Motorcycle Jacket I
Classic Motorcycle Jacket I
Classic Motorcycle Jacket I
Classic Motorcycle Jacket I
Classic Motorcycle Jacket I
Classic Motorcycle Jacket I
Classic Motorcycle Jacket I
Classic Motorcycle Jacket I
  • Crafted from 1.4-1.6mm full grain leather.
  • Dual front, rear, and sleeve vents for maximum airflow.
  • Adjustable half belt and laced sides deliver an optimal fit for all seasons.
  • Armor provisional pockets in the elbows, shoulders and back of most sizes* (armor not included)
  • Two inside pockets: Left with a snap closure, Right with a zipper closure.
  • Removable insulated full sleeve liner with hide-away fleece neck warmer.
  • Padded and extended kidney panel.
  • Antique Brass YKK Hardware.
  •



*Some of our Men's Classic Motorcycle I Jackets do not have the armor pockets. We are transitioning to all Classic Motorcycle I Jackets having armor pockets, but during the transition there are limited sizes that are available without armor pockets. If you don't want armor pockets, please indicate it in the notes and we will ship as available.

Men's Classic Motorcycle Jackets are the most emotionally volatile and historically rich leather jackets we have. When I put one on I can't decide if I am going to ride a motorcycle, vandalize a town or give someone a ticket. Like any piece of great art it means different things to different people.

In 1953 at the age of seven, inspired by Marlon Brando in "The Wild One", I asked my parents if I could get a Men's Classic Motorcycle Jacket I. I did not understand the social implications of this leather motorcycle jacket. My mother looked at me like I had asked her if I could cannibalize my infant brother. She began to cry softly, ashamed that I was drawn to such evil.

I went on to become a small time juvenile delinquent and performed many reprehensible acts but none of them elicited the reaction this simple request did.

In addition to parental alienation, the leather jacket is well suited for motorcycle riding. It's cut extra long in the back with a padded kidney panel. Dual front and rear vents move the air easily through a mesh shell while an internal wind flap stops it cold at the zipper. A zip out full sleeve insulated liner completes the climate control package.

Side lacing enables you to contour the motorcycle jacket to your body and an inside snap pocket is set in the leather facing where it won't rip out. Leather is 1.4 to 1.6 mm soft, thick and supple with a dull luster.

The difference between the Men's Classic Motorcycle Jacket I and Men's Classic Motorcycle Jacket II is that the Men's Classic Motorcycle Jacket I has a watch pocket and breast pocket on the left side and a half belt in front. Outside of that they are the same leather jacket.

Please read How Your Motorcycle Jacket Is Supposed To Fit if you have any questions on sizing.

Here you can find pictures of Joe Yarzebinski's Men's Classic Motorcycle Jacket I that went down after sliding on loose gravel.

Check out the reviews of the Men's Classic Motorcycle Jacket I at,, and You can read more third party reviews of Fox Creek Leather motorcycle jackets and other products here.

Classic Motorcycle Jacket I Features:

Click on any linked feature for more information. Our products are made by hand so there may be some variance in the dimensions.
Shell Type: Mesh
Removable Liner: Zip Out, Full
Adjustable Sides: Laced
Vents: Dual Front and Rear
Inside Pocket: Two, Left Snap, Right Zipper
Reinforced: None
Expansion Joints: Shoulders
Kidney Panel: Padded and Extended
Leather Weight: 1.4-1.6mm (3.5-4.0oz)
Zipped Sleeves: Yes
Material: Full-grain Cowhide
Guarantee: Lifetime
Made in USA: Yes
Hardware: YKK, Antique Brass
Neck Warmer: Yes

Classic Motorcycle Jacket I Featured Reviews:

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Great All Around Jacket 2006-08-07

by from North Bergen, New Jersey

81 of 88 people found this review helpful.

I purchased the Classic I jacket in October 2005. After wearing this jacket for almost a year, I can give a full review. I am 6' 1 tall and weigh 280 lbs. I spoke with one of the reps from Fox Creek and she recommended the 58 regular. Unfortunately it was short in the body and sleeves. Not a problem, I called Fox Creek and returned the regular and about four days later I received a 58 long. Much better fit. At first the jacket seemed restrictive in arm movement. After a week of wearing it the restrictiveness disappeared. This jacket is the most comfortable motorcycle jacket that I have worn. The leather is very thick and super soft. It has a pleasing leather smell and nice natural finish to it.

I became so fond of the jacket that I started wearing it as my everyday jacket in the fall and winter. With the vents open, the jacket is comfortable on a motorcycle up to 85 degrees and the thick leather does an excellent job of keeping heat in and wind/cold out. I have yet needed to insert the thermo liner in it. I even used this jacket when I went snow shoveling this past winter when it snowed over a foot. My wife fell asleep with this jacket over her as a blanket one night and woke up the next morning surprised about how warm it kept her.

The only drawback to this jacket is the lack of motorcycle armor. I can understand why you wouldn't include armor into this jacket but at least if pockets for armor were sewn in the lining we could insert or remove armor depending on our taste. Other than that this is an excellent jacket. If deciding between the Classic I or II , I would choose the I. I use the front slash pocket every time I wear it and the belt is good for adjusting the waist when you sit your motorcycle. I highly recommend this jacket if you are looking for a classic high quality leather motorcycle jacket.

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My Classic Jacket 2007-10-12

by from Rescue, CA

76 of 83 people found this review helpful.

I have owned my jacket for about a year now and couldn’t be more happy. The leather is very soft and pliable for being so thick it's amazing. The leather is wearing very well and still looks new. The zippers are smooth and strong and the vents are great for adjusting to varying temperatures on a ride. With the liner in the jacket it’s very warm for winter rides. There is no wind leakage on any zipper. What more can you ask for? I have not seen another jacket that can even come close to the quality and comfort of this jacket. You can’t go wrong with Fox Creek.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed! 2007-08-27

by from St. Johns, Michigan

74 of 81 people found this review helpful.

Click for larger image

After my previous riding jacket (purchased from the manufacturer of my bike--oink)disintegrated, I obviously needed a new jacket. I ride hard, year round. In Michigan, this means rain, snow, sub-zero winters, and blistering summers.

I have to admit that while I knew of the quality of the Fox Creek leather products, I was somewhat leery of purchasing custom clothing over the Internet. I read through the Fox Creek website, and many of the testimonials, and decided to go for it. Unfortunately, I missed the little bit about ordering up one size in jackets! This was totally my fault.

I decided that the jacket was just too small, and called to get a RMA. My call was answered on the second ring (right there a sign of a good business...anyone who answers on the first ring is too desperate; if it rings more than twice, then customer service is not a priority!) by an ACTUAL PERSON who spoke AMERICAN ENGLISH! Rarely have I been so impressed when dealing with a company in another state. The gal who answered was extremely helpful, explained that a RMA was not necessary, went to the trouble to make sure that the correct size was in stock, and overnighted it to me. All at no additional charge! Even more impressive, there was none of this crap about "placing a hold on your credit card until the original jacket arrives here," or worse, "send us the jacket, and when it gets here, we will send out a new one." There are hundreds of companies out there (especially computer companies I won't name, although one of the worst rhymes with Hell) that could take some major customer service lessons from Fox Creek. The new jacket fits like a custom garment it was built on me. I absolutely adore the supple yet thick and strong leather y'all use. The quality of your riding gear won you a customer, your service won you a lifelong supporter! I will definitely purchase all my leather from Fox Creek.

Thanks again for such a wonderful product and exemplary customer service!

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Classic 1 2005-02-24

by from Porterville, CA

73 of 80 people found this review helpful.

Just received the Mens Classic bike jacket as a replacement for one that has gotten me down many miles and years. Your classic proved to be a jacket made for riding. Last weekend, my buddy and I made our annual Rite of Manhood run up to a place called Kernville at about 4000 feet in the Sierra Nevadas. As usual it turned out to be cold, rainy, snowy, and sunny all at different times over the long Presidents Day weekend party they call the Whiskey Flats celebration. The jacket did its job all weekend and especially during the ride home over Greenhorn Summit, elevation 6120. Although the snow had stopped coming down by the time we rode over the summit, it was great having a good, warm leather to combat the elements. The photo is from the top of the mountain, before we headed back down to the warmer Central Valley below.

The jacket is well made and generally well designed, with plenty of pockets and good brass hardware. The multiple zippers on the many pockets and the vents raises the weight up considerably, but it is worth it for the convenience and comfort they add. I'm 59 and 160# so I was between a 40 and 42 size. I opted for the 40 and it fit perfectly, with and without the liner. The mesh lining inside the zip-in liner seems like a good idea for warmer weather riding when the insulated liner comes out. The well padded back belt provided a good support and covered my low back well in the cold weather.

My only wish was for a slightly heftier front belt and buckle. The belt felt as if it would stretch with time and needed some stiffer or heavier leather in my opinion. The buckle was also a bit lightweight and I would have preferred a more substantial roller buckle to the dressy one that was stock. Fortunately, it will be easy enough to change.

My only other complaint was that, when the jacket is fully zipped, the point of the left collar doesn't fold down very well, but sticks straight out a few inches from the jacket. It seems that this jacket has the same problem that a lot of newer designed jackets have in that the points of the collar are too short, and in fact the collar itself is a bit small, especially for the heft of this jacket. Older jacket designs had longer collars that allowed the wearer to run the zipper up completely without having to unsnap the collar points. I would have liked to seen a larger collar on this jacket.

OK, so I cant have it all. But its American-made, quality leather, well-constructed and sewn, and is sold by helpful, very nice people. And the price was right.

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Fox Creek's Classic m/c jacket saved my hide! 2010-11-11

by from San Diego, CA

65 of 71 people found this review helpful.

Click for larger image

Over the years I've logged around 100,000 miles on street bikes and have been fortunate enough to have never had a crash - until this week. And I'm happy to say that the Fox Creek Leather Classic I jacket that I bought 4 months ago truly saved me from serious road rash.

I bought my Classic I about 4 months ago. I've been in love with the jacket since the day I received it. I've worn it EVERY day since even in temps up into the 90's where I've found the jacket to vent surprisingly well when underway. So far I've encountered temps down to 40 degrees F and have found it to be warm also.

Click for larger image

Two nights ago I was headed home at 1:00 AM on the freeway here in the San Diego area. There were almost NO cars on the road at all at this time. I was wearing my Fox Creek Classic I and also my Fox Creek elkskin gloves. As I cruised along on my Electra Glide at about 65 mph suddenly out of the blue I was SLAMMED HARD from the rear by a car I'd never seen coming. The impact was so violent I was stunned. The next thing I knew I was flat on my back on the pavement skidding along feet-first at 65 mph. I recall propping myself up a bit on my forearms to try and look ahead of me to see where I was sliding. I could see a massive shower of sparks about 15 feet out in front of me - this was my bike skidding along on it's side. After what seemed an eternity I came to a rest and immediately jumped up and dashed to the freeway shoulder to get out of the way of any approaching cars that might be coming along behind me.

A witness who had been behind me stopped and told me what had happened. The car had passed by them at approx 85-90 mph and then a couple seconds later drifted into my lane and sideswiped me at my left saddle bag. The car never stopped and fled the scene. The Highway Patrol made a report, etc. I went to the hospital to be checked out and all I had was some minor road rash just above my pants belt from where the bottom of my jacket had ridden up a bit due to the direction I had been sliding on the pavement.

Click for larger image

In looking at my gear I was impressed at how well my Fox Creek jacket and elkskin gloves had stood up to the punishment of this incident. Here in California the freeways are cement with longitudinal rain grooves cut into them about 1/4" or so apart. This surface would have shredded me badly had I not been wearing the top quality leather that I was. The rash I did have was minor and not what I consider the fault of the jacket, however I shudder to imagine what the road rash would have been like had I not been geared up properly. The heavy supple leather of Fox Creek's jacket and gloves truly saved me from a great deal of pain.

Thanks to all of you at Fox Creek!

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IT IS AWESOME! 2012-03-18

by from Hockessin, DE

63 of 69 people found this review helpful.

Taken from Vic's post on
See original post.

Since Colorado Jeff mentioned his new jacket, I thought I'd do the same. A while ago, I asked the list if anyone had any experience with Fox Creek Leather products. A few people responded positively, nobody negatively. I finally got around to ordering a jacket, and it arrived last week. I have to tell you, IT IS AWESOME! The weight, thickness of leather, and quality of workmanship and detail look to me to be about the same level as Vanson, but at about 1/2 the price.

The jacket I got is a classic biker style jacket. It has both a removable thermal liner and zippered vents, front and back, to make it extremely versatile. It is similar to, but seems to be of higher quality than, the H-D El Camino jacket, at about $100 less than the H-D. You can get their products in a wide variety of colors and finishes. I got basic black. A nice plus is that it is made right here in the good old US of A. And at about $300, it is a bargain and better quality than I have seen at just about any price. Also, customer service and responsiveness are excellent.

Of course, how it holds up over time will be the real test, but right now it looks like a definite winner. No affiliation, yadda yadda yadda.

Take care, and stay vertical,

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Best set of leathers I've ever had 2012-10-22

by from Godfrey, IL

62 of 68 people found this review helpful.

Sonny Roberts wearing a Fox Creek Classic I Motorcycle Jacket

Brothers and Sisters, when we find something good hopefully we will share the wealth with others. I've had leathers (jacket and chaps) tailor made in Korea where I selected the leather and inspected for quality prior to purchase. I thought that they were the best available for the price anywhere. Was I in for a surprise!

I'm here to tell you that I have found a place that has exceeded all my expectations for quality and customer service. Hang in here it gets better! They are actually "American Made"!! Are you sitting down? They are "guaranteed for life"!

I have no vested interest only want to share my good fortune with all Bikers far and wide! My jacket and chaps had to be custom ordered and I am extremely pleased with my jacket. The chaps are on backorder because Lisa went the extra mile to ensure a proper fit.

Thanks Fox Creek. You have exceeded my expectations!!

Sonny R.

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Overall Incredible Jacket 2009-04-02

by from Pensacola, FL

58 of 63 people found this review helpful.

The Classic Motorcycle Jacket I is an incredible jacket overall. The quality and weight of this 1.6mm leather is the best leather product I have ever owned. Fox Creek helped me get the size right and worked with me to assure I had a good fit. I wear a size 44 sport coat, but we ended up using the 46 leather coat with the liner installed. I would recommend this jacket to friends without reservation. There is one negative, that I have to mention. Though my core body is very warm in this jacket, the sleeves are very loose and oversized, so a cold breeze runs up both my arms and chills me on cold days. If I could change anything about this jacket, I would add snaps at the wrists that would allow me to snug the sleeves and end my love/hate relationship with the jacket.

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The Quality is Outstanding 2006-05-25

by from Inverness, Scotland

54 of 59 people found this review helpful.

Bendan on wearing his Classic I Jacket
I found the Fox Creek Leather site while doing a search for Motorcycle Jackets. As a Biker with a disability and a wheelchair user I was finding it impossible to find a suitable jacket here in the Highlands of Scotland. The website is perfect and is easy to navigate around and the enlarged pictures of each garment allows you to examine each one in great detail. After reading the testimonials I decided to contact the sales team and inquire about purchasing a Classic Motorcycle Jacket 1.

After a few emails with Scartlett I decided to send a picture of myself on my Rune just to get her advice and to confirm the size of jacket. On Scarlett's advice I purchased the jacket and waited. When the jacket arrived I was thoroughly impressed. The quality of the jacket is outstanding and the craftsmanship is the best I have ever seen in this type of garment. The jacket was a perfect fit.The after sales care is excellent to, the sales team does care about you and what you think of their products.

I have no hesitation in recommending Fox Creek Leather to anyone in the U.K. and I will be buying from them again in the future.

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A rare find 2007-12-01

by from Manchester, England

45 of 49 people found this review helpful.

Click for larger image

I needed a new bike jacket, so I searched for as much anecdotal evidence as I could find to assist in making my decision. I looked on web forums, visited dealers and listened to a whole bunch of advice.

My specification list included a longer body (I'm 6'4"), longer arms, thick, quality cow hide, and a removable liner. I also made a big play of not buying a jacket with a brand name that was made in the Far East, (but marketed with a home-made price ticket.!)

A friend of mine in the US put me onto Fox Creek Leathers, and after reading a lot of testimonials, and asking a few questions on those web forums, I decided to purchase a Classic 1 jacket from their web store.

Please understand that as I am in England, I had not seen this jacket first hand, merely looked at the excellent website, as well as listened to others who had bought, worn, and sadly tested the quality in an accident . I need not have worried.

Click for larger image

I read their advice on the website carefully and picked the "long" option. I added my height and chest size, gave the credit card details and pressed GO!

I am so delighted with the jacket and the outstanding customer service, especially as the jacket only took 3 days to get all the way from Virginia to England! Emails were answered almost by return. I don't get this level of response and attention to detail here in the UK! (The shipping costs were very reasonable too!)

The quality of the leather, the cut, the fit, the liner, the zips, all are first rate.

For what it's worth (and I have no tie-in with this company, this is merely me as a very satisfied customer) get your order on now! You'll not regret it!

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