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What Our Customers Say About Fox Creek Leather’s Wallets

I received this wallet for my birthday. Since I got my commercial drivers license, I needed a wallet for all my documentation. The quality of the wallet is top notch. The leather is of ample thickness. Stitching is tight. Rivets and snaps are well placed and secure. The hardware is of high quality. The design and function suits my needs. Thank you Fox Creek for a wonderful product. I would recommend this wallet to anybody for the price and quality. - Anthony, California

Got this wallet free with my wife's leather riding Jacket (Christmas of 2009). I have used this wallet daily for over a year and a half. I have been simply amazed at the quality of this wallet. After a year every wallet I have ever owned is completely worn out. This wallet still looks and works like new. This wallet is a bargain. If and when this wallet needs replaced I will gladly purchase another one. Order one you'll love it!! - Hittman, Kentucky

After retiring from the sheriffs office I realized how sick I was of carrying around such a fat wallet (due to the badge) for so many years and wanted to slim down. I literally looked at hundreds of wallet choices online for over a month. I finally came across this wallet and figured I didn't have much to lose. I've been using the wallet for a little over a month now and absolutely love it! I'm completely amazed at the high quality for such a low price. The quality of the leather feels like it cost 3-4 times as much. This wallet, fully loaded with cards and cash, is still thin. The small profile makes this wallet extremely comfortable for either front or rear pocket carry. Whether you use it for your primary wallet like I do, or as a secondary wallet when you don't want to carry as much, you just can't do any better than this, and especially at this price! - Jason, Pennsylvania

This is a really well-made wallet, I'm recommending it to everyone who asks! I've gone through quite a few more expensive wallets which were made of paper thin 'leather'. This wallet is ALL leather, without a fabric liner that disintegrates with very little use. The leather on this is much thicker and sturdier than typical wallets bought in stores. The fabric liner does help with sliding bills in and taking them out. I noticed at first that without a fabric liner, money didn't slide in and out quite as easily. Now that I've had it a month, the wallet is flexing quite a bit more and I've either gotten used to it or it has gotten easier. Either way it wasn't a big deal in the beginning, just something I'd noticed. This is by far the best wallet I've ever owned. It's rugged design sets you apart buying beers with the guys, and makes a statement picking up the clients' dinner tab at Che' Paul. Buy it. -Bob, Illinois

I have been looking for a durable oil-tanned wallet with lots of card pockets, and this one is exactly what I was looking for. I don't want an extra bill pocket, which means that you have to look in two places for your money. I especially don't want a card display window, which just wastes room that could be used for more card slots. Even though this wallet is slightly thicker than the one it replaced it slides out of my pocket much easier. Unlike my previous (also oil tanned) wallet, there is no fabric at all to wear out, just leather and very sturdy stitching. It is simple and unpretentious, but very attractive and I have a lot of confidence that it will take a lot of use before I need to replace it.- Geoff, Washington

I was one of those guys who bought a cheaper leather wallet for when I rode and every time I took it out I thought to myself “I need a new wallet.” After purchasing other high quality items from Fox Creek Leather, I decided to try a wallet. I bought the Mini Trucker Wallet with Chain and the quality is the same as all other Fox Creek Leather products. Thick supple leather with a soft to touch quality. The chain is durable and comes with a leather attachment for your belt. Another great product from Fox Creek Leather! - Grayson, Virginia