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Classic Motorcycle Jacket II

  • full starfull starfull starfull starfull star 111 ratings
  • Manufactured from 1.4-1.6mm full grain leather.
  • Dual front, rear, and sleeve vents for optimal airflow.
  • Two inside pockets: Left with a snap closure, Right with a zipper closure.
  • Laced adjustable sides.
  • Hide-away fleece neck warmer and removable insulated full sleeve liner.
  • Removable insulated full sleeve liner with hide-away fleece neck warmer.
  • Padded and extended kidney panel.
  • Antique Brass YKK Hardware.
List Price:
starting at $467.00
( ships for FREE, Usually ships within 24 hours)

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Absolutely Quite Amazed 2006-11-09

by from UK

88 of 96 people found this review helpful.

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I am absolutely quite amazed at the quality of my jacket, its a custom one as you know, extra thick leather, gun pocket, extra sleeve vents, the craftsmanship is beyond reproach its just 100 percent perfection. The Jacket is very heavy, but that's what I wanted, it fits very well, pockets are good, not used vents yet, too cold here, but assume they must work ok. It's very nice to just wear out and about not on the bike, which is what I will be doing this winter to try to break it in a bit, warm once you have been in it a few minutes, took the liner out from the start.

On the bike, seems OK riding up to about 100mph, bit of cold gets in by the neck, and the end of sleeves if not wearing your correct gloves. I guess it needs the scarf I had to wear in the photos or a leather bandanna or something round the neck in cold weather.

I don't like the zipper on the wrong side however, I guess all American zippers are that way. When on a sports bike the back of the crash helmet fouls the neck of the jacket because you head is angled. Unlike a Harley for example where you sit bolt upright. This does tend to push the Helmet down a bit at the front i.e. down over your eyes, thus impairing vision a bit and also makes turning the head around for a look behind a bit harder. Perhaps the leather will wear in a bit with use. But, what a jacket. Your craftsmen/women, are superb, your overall service could not be better. Will order from you again, no doubt about that.

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Premo Jacket! 2012-03-04

by from Great Falls, MO

86 of 94 people found this review helpful.

Tim Hickman wearing his Fox Creek Leather Classic II

The Jacket is premo! It fits great and is in my opinion a bargain price for the superior features and weight of the leather utilized. It weighs a ton in hand but the leather is so supple that it feels like an old friend once you wear it.

I picked up my 2004 Road Glide the same day I got the Jacket and put 150 miles on it the following day. I wore a long sleeve shirt under the jacket and rode several hours in 44 degree Montana sunshine and the only thing that even got remotely chilled were my hands and legs. Guess I'll be hitting you for chaps in the near future.

I just had to says thanks for a GREAT American made product. It goes well with my other American made product. Go all the way with USA!!!!

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WOWWWWWWW 2008-06-19


77 of 84 people found this review helpful.

G'day America...

I awaited the delivery of my vest, gloves and that special jacket with the excitement of a young child at Christmas but with some concern that I had spent a lot of money on something that may not fit me or live up to the bold advertising and pretty pictures.

How wrong was I ... the fit is perfect!! The look is .. if I do say so myself absolutely outstanding.... how can something so soft be so strong. It feels special, it makes me feel special!

I work in an office in Nth Sydney during the week and I wear the thing to work it looks that good. But come the weekend when I'm on my raked FX Softail Custom cruisin the highway it's something else!! Pure magic. You can feel the quality in the weight of the just know that if you happen to fall that nothing is going to rip it.... It's warm on a cold day yet cool on a hot day. I can move freely in it with no restrictions .. Fantastic!

I would encourage anyone who was looking at getting any leather wear to save them selves a lot of time & expense & go straight to the top.!

Thank you FOX CREEK!

Did you find this review helpful?

Well Made 2007-02-13

by from Rockville, MD

76 of 83 people found this review helpful.

Click for larger image

I received my Classic II jacket yesterday. While I read a number of testimonials about this jacket, I cannot believe how well made this jacket is.

Someone commented on the weight previously, but this jacket has a heft that I simply couldn't believe once I tried it on.

It is downright heavy! Unbelievable! With the weather finally changing here in the DC area, I can also attest to its warmth.

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Nicest Jacket I've Ever Owned... 2012-10-13

by from West River, MA

71 of 77 people found this review helpful.

Curtis wearing his Classic II

I took delivery of my Classic II around the first of September when the weather was still warm. My brother had convinced me to start wearing leather if I was going to continue to commute on my cruiser, that it was just a matter of time before I'd be needing thicker skin. The jacket is the nicest piece of apparel I own. The leather is soft and thick and fits like a glove. The venting made the jacket comfortable even on 85+ degree days, and now that the weather is cooler, it handles the mid 40s morning temperatures with just a long sleeve shirt. Thanks for producing such a fine product. Also, as of this writing, I haven't gone down.

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Quality Leather Gear, Made in the USA 2012-10-07

by from Racine, WI

69 of 75 people found this review helpful.

When I purchased my first Harley-Davidson three years ago, I knew I wanted to have some classic-looking, quality, comfortable leathers to complete the package. After looking at everything my local H-D dealership had in-stock, I came to the conclusion that a good set of leathers would have to be from Pakistan and cost upwards of $750- boy was I discouraged.

After two years of searching countless websites, leather stores, and motorcycle shows, I all but gave up on finding what I was looking for. I purchased a 2005 H-D Road King Classic this spring and knew that I had to find my leathers in order to tour in style- and safety.

After searching many websites, I came across the Fox Creek Leather site and began to look through the styles available. Was I ever excited to find the classic look that I wanted in the “Classic II” jacket and matching chaps?!

An even better surprise was when I read that ALL of your products are made in the USA, have a lifetime warranty and cost half as much as those leathers made in third-world countries!

I have received many compliments from fellow riders who notice the quality construction and great look. I have ridden over 12k miles this season- most with my Fox Creek Leathers keeping me company. In fact, I enjoyed my jacket and chaps so much that I bought my wife the ladies “Classic II” for Mother\'s Day- she loves it and wears it both while on the back of our bike and just around town! Free shipping is a great value-added benefit of doing business with Fox Creek Leather- keep up the great work and quality products!

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Great American Product 2009-02-03

by from N. Richland Hills, TX

69 of 75 people found this review helpful.

I purchased my Classic Motorcycle Jacket II about 4 years ago. I noticed the quality as soon as it arrived, and it has since lived up to that first impression. Nothing about this jacket is what I refer to as "cheesy". It fits great, and is total quality. That includes the thick leather, stitching, snaps, and heavy duty zipper that has never failed to work perfectly. I've been all over the western U.S. with it, from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, and it seems indestructible. It has protected me from sand storms, hail, rain, and sleet, and still looks like new. I have no doubt that this jacket will last longer than I will.

I have since purchased other Fox Creek leather products, chaps, vest, and belts, and they're all of the same high quality. It's nice to see an American company that produces a great product!

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WORTH THE MONEY 2008-11-13

by from LOWELL, MI

65 of 71 people found this review helpful.

I have owned this jacket for 3 years now. I live in Michigan and ride until about the end of November and then start up again in April. Mornings here in November and April can get down to the low 30s. This jacket along with my Fox Creek chaps and face warmer get me to work without frostbite. You may pay a little more but the quality, guarantee and customer service is the best you will find. Buy Fox Creek products and you will never regret it!

Did you find this review helpful?

I Wish To Compliment Your Entire Staff 2012-02-27

by from Connersville, IN

64 of 70 people found this review helpful.

Dear Sirs,

What is this world coming to? As I returned home yesterday I found a package awaiting me on my back porch. As I moved the package to the house I noted the weight of the package and began to wonder, could it be my jacket? Being much heavier than I had expected, I figured your staff must have done an excellent job packaging. Opening the box, much to my surprise, inside was nothing but the jacket.

For a year and a half now, since having my "Brooks" Jacket of 17 years stolen, I have searched from Chillicothe, OH, to Sturgis,SD. Daytona FL. to Milwaukee ,WI. for a comparable replacement only to find cheap Chinese, Indonesian or Korean or even Pakistani imitations. As you well know American made leather products are becoming increasingly hard to find, especially of this quality!

I wish to compliment your entire staff on your speedy service as well as accurate descriptions of your products "on-line". I will be contacting you in the very near future for a second jacket, as it was very hard to decide on the one model. And in the future you can count on me as a "sales representative" for your products!

Thank you again for your great service, incomparable product, and service to the American biker and our way of life!!!

Did you find this review helpful?

By far the best leathers I have ever owned. 2009-06-05

by from Garibaldi Highlands, BC

52 of 57 people found this review helpful.

Rick Fitzgerald is the owner/operator of

I want you all to know about Fox Creek Leather. I received my Classic Motorcycle Jacket and a pair of deerskin gauntlets in August 2000, I only wish I had them when I rode down the Oregon and California coast on my way to the 2000 Independence day Hollister Rally, instead I had an expensive Harley Davidson jacket made in Indonesia and a pair of Watson gauntlets. The cold pacific air cut right through that leather like a sharp knife!

The Fox Creek Leather jacket and gloves are by far the best leathers I have ever owned, they are cool in the summer and very warm on the cold days! The sizes were perfect and delivery was prompt. I just ordered a pair of chaps for my wife and a vest for myself. I highly recommend for all your leather needs!

Did you find this review helpful?

*Some of our Men's Classic II Jackets do not have the armor pockets, but we are now designing all Classic II Jackets with armor pockets. During the transition there are limited sizes that are available without them so if you have a preference, please indicate it in the notes and we will ship as available.

The Classic II Motorcycle Jacket is cut extra long in the back with a padded kidney panel for added protection. Dual front and rear vents move the air easily through a mesh shell while an internal wind flap stops it cold at the zipper. A zip out full sleeve insulated liner completes the climate control package. Side lacing enables you to contour the motorcycle jacket to your body and an inside snap pocket is set in the leather facing where it won't rip out. Leather is 1.4 to 1.6mm soft, thick and supple with a dull luster.

This is the motorcycle jacket I would usually end up wearing before I sold my last bike.

The difference between the Classic I and the Classic II is that the Classic I has a watch pocket and breast pocket on the left side and a half belt in front. Outside of that they are the same leather jacket.

Please read How Your Motorcycle Jacket Is Supposed To Fit if you have any questions on sizing.

Check out the reviews of the Men's Classic Motorcycle Jacket II at and You can read more third party reviews of Fox Creek Leather motorcycle jackets and other products here.

Click on any linked feature for more information. Our products are made by hand so there may be some variance in the dimensions.
Shell Type: Mesh
Removable Liner: Zip Out, Full
Adjustable Sides: Laced
Vents: Dual Front and Rear
Inside Pocket: Two, Left Snap, Right Zipper
Reinforced: None
Expansion Joints: Shoulders
Kidney Panel: Padded and Extended
Leather Weight: 1.4-1.6mm (3.5-4.0oz)
Zipped Sleeves: Yes
Material: Full-grain Cowhide
Guarantee: Lifetime
Made in USA: Yes
Hardware: YKK, Antique Brass
Neck Warmer: Yes

What is the difference between the Classic I and Classic II?
The Classic II does not have the half belt, the snap watch pocket, or the horizontal chest pocket. Otherwise, they are the same jacket.

Can you zip all the way up and still have your collar secured?
Yes, even when zipped all the way up you are able to snap the collar down.