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Vented Racing Jacket

  • full starfull starfull starfull starfull star 95 ratings
  • Crafted from 1.4-1.6mm full grain leather.
  • Dual front and rear vents for maximum airflow.
  • Two inside pockets: Left with a snap closure, Right with a zipper closure.
  • Removable insulated liner with hide-away fleece neck warmer for all-season riding.
  • Padded and extended kidney panel.
  • Antique Brass YKK Hardware.
  • Choose laced or snap adjustable sides.
List Price:
starting at $467.00
( ships for FREE, Usually ships within 24 hours)

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Best jacket I've ever owned! 2005-09-27

by from Mililani, HI

85 of 91 people found this review helpful.

Steven Muraoka

After buying a few cheap, over-the-counter, made in Pakistan motorcycle jackets, I decided to step up and invest in a quality leather riding jacket. After searching locally turned up nothing worthwhile, I turned to the Web. The folks at V-Twin recommended Fox Creek Leather. I pointed my mouse towards their site and began to look around.

I soon found the jacket I was looking for. The Vented Racing jacket has simple but timeless style, without all the extra flash and dazzle that seems to adorn most jackets sold by other manufacturers. I was impressed by Fox Creeks attention to details, as seen by the use of quality zippers, snaps, and the zip-out inner liner.

Using the on-line fitment guide, I determined my size to be a 46. I took the plunge and placed my order. This was the first time I ordered any article of clothing over the net, and I wanted to make sure things would go smoothly. After a couple of e-mails to the helpful Fox Creek staff, they determined that everything would be ok using the measurements that I provided.

When I received my jacket, it was all I expected, and then some. My first impression was that of heft. This thing is heavy! When I tried it on, I noticed the soft, smooth texture of the leather, followed by that rich leather aroma. Very pleasing to the senses, to say the least.

My first ride with the Vented Racing jacket was a treat. The front and rear vents provided me with much appreciated cooling on my trip. The ability to remove the inner liner also helps on those warm rides, too. I've heard stories about other riders who have gone down that say their Vented Racing jackets helped protect their hides as they went skidding across the pavement. I hope I never have to test the durability of my jacket that way!

In summary, the Vented Racing jacket is the best jacket I've ever owned. I used to buy cheap stuff and live with it. However, after spending some time with this jacket, I believe that quality is something that shouldn't be compromised. With Fox Creek, you can have quality without breaking the bank.

I'm glad I took the chance and ordered my jacket from Fox Creek. Should I need any other leather goods, Fox Creek will get my business, no question.

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Best Leather Ever Owned 2012-06-21

by from Dunkirk, MD

62 of 67 people found this review helpful.

Mark Curtis in a Fox Creek Leather Vented Racing Jacket

Bought my first jacket from Paul in 1996 out of the back of his trailer in Greenville, SC. After 2 years, and 20,000 miles it was lost, so I got another one just like it. The second one was even better. Who knows how many miles I've put on this one. I've ridden in all kinds of weather. In one day I rode to the top of Mt. Washington, NH in a snow storm, then through a thunderstorm, and on to Laconia. It kept me warm and reasonably dry through the whole trip. I've even worn it when it got up to 90 degrees, with the air vents open it was comfortable. Best leather ever owned, wouldn't wear any other.

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Wonderfully Made Jacket 2006-04-05

by from Watertown, CT

59 of 64 people found this review helpful.

Michael wearing his Vented Racing Jacket
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderfully made jacket I purchased in February. I wish I could try it out but the roads are too sandy to ride on. I was very hesitant to make such a valuable purchase on the internet. But now after all is said and done, I feel I made the right choice. Your family is running what seems to be a tight ship. I know what it feels like to be commended on a good job,and you all deserve it. Thanks, and well talk again on my next purchase.

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I couldn’t be happier with this jacket,.. 2012-05-01

by from Philadelphia, PA

53 of 58 people found this review helpful.

Read Justin's crash testimonial with pictures of his jacket post-crash.

I couldn’t be happier with this jacket, and I have recommended it to everyone I have met who is in the market. The leather is obviously of a higher quality (in feel, appearance, and thickness) than any that I have seen at bike shops. And the construction (design, stitching, attention to detail, etc.) is top notch.

Not only is this a great looking/feeling jacket, but it is an exceptional piece of tested safety equipment; eight hours after getting the right size in the mail, I had a one in a million accident while wearing it, and there is no doubt in my mind that it saved my arm. I dropped my bike on the expressway after hitting an overpass at sixty miles per hour. My helmet and right shoulder took the brunt of the initial impact, after which, I slid for about 150 feet on my right arm/shoulder into a concrete median. Once I finally stopped sliding, the only injury I sustained was a little road rash on my right knee. The bike was in pieces all over the highway, but the jacket was still in one piece, and had kept my arm form being both ripped off at the shoulder and ground down to a stump. The damage to the jacket was mostly cosmetic, as the thick leather and reinforced elbow/shoulder panels were sufficient to keep the road (even at that speed and length of slide) from grinding through. There is no doubt in my mind that without this jacket I would have lost my arm.

After the accident, intent on riding, I contacted Fox Creek Leather about repairing my jacket. Not only were they genuinely concerned about the accident, they were extremely helpful in expediting the repair and return of their product. Fox Creek Leather’s customer service leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Initially, it took me the return of four jackets to get my perfect fit (I’m 6’3” tall and 230lbs.), and each time, they were very understanding, helpful, and fast to ship, making the whole process easy and hassle free. If in the market for a riding jacket, especially if it is to be a safety item, I can’t speak highly enough of Fox Creek Leather, they’re as good as it gets.

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No other jacket comes close 2010-10-28

by from Adolphus, Ky.

52 of 57 people found this review helpful.

In my humble opinion, no other maker of motorcycle leather apparel comes close to the quality and workmanship of Fox Creek Leather.

The leather they use is "THICK" yet soft, the hardware is heavy duty, as is the stitching material and technique.

Click for larger image

My old jacket of 12 yrs. finally needed to be replaced, So I ordered the Vented Racing Jacket. It arrived this afternoon and when I opened the box, I was like a little kid on Christmas morning. The only way to fully appreciate the quality is to get your hands on it.

I put my new jacket on, fired up my scooter, and went for a quick putt around town. I could tell right away that the thick leather and liner are going to keep me a lot warmer than my old jacket ever did.

I would highly recommend Fox Creek Leather to anybody in the market for new leathers.

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Christmas Come Early 2005-10-31

by from McLean, VA

40 of 43 people found this review helpful.

Jerry Starbuck

"Christmas came early when I opened the box from Fox Creek Leather. Putting on the Vented Racing Jacket the first time felt amazing. Much heavier than expected. Undoubtedly the Jacket is the finest article of clothing I have ever worn. The craftsmanship of the stitching, heavy brass zippers, thick leather, and most importantly the fit is of the highest quality. Knowing it was made in Virginia (my home state) made me proud. This is not some mass-produced imitation from China. This is the real thing! The conservative, under-stated style makes the Jacket perfect for any occasion including work. I've found women invariably want to touch the soft leather and offer compliments. One young store clerk at the Mall said, "Dude... that's awesome, where did you get it?" I'm still smiling. The best choice I've made since buying my motorcycle. Thank you Fox Creek!"

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Amazing Jacket 2005-10-05

by from Boston, MA

40 of 43 people found this review helpful.

I was lucky enough one night to stumble upon Fox Creek\'s website and began reading about their jackets. I was looking at the Vented Racing Jacket. I read what some people wrote and decided to make the purchase. The price was in the same ballpark as other leather riding jackets and there was free shipping. Gotta love that! I was worried about size because ordering online I couldn\'t feel the jacket, measure the jacket, and see if I would like it.

I checked out the sizing chart, which was very informative and selected the size I thought would fit me. I placed the order and it was processed quickly. I had some questions about the order, when it would arrive, etc. I was very happy to receive an email from a person and NOT an automated email. I really hate those.

When I received the jacket I was VERY impressed. It was nice and heavy and thick. Extra padding along the shoulders and elbows. This is exactly what I wanted. If I should ever take a fall on a bike, I would need some thick leather. But as thick as the leather was, it was very soft leather. Once I tried it on I was truly amazed. The jacket fit like a glove. It was so extremely comfortable. I can not emphasize enough how comfortable the jacket felt on me. I went for a ride that weekend and again, the jacket was so comfortable. It was about 75 degrees out and the jacket breathed perfectly. I was neither too cold nor too hot.

I\'m so happy with Fox Creek\'s jacket I had to write a review because I know for myself, reading a personal review helps me in making a buying decision. Buy this jacket. You will love it.

Thanks for reading.

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vented jacket 2010-10-31

by from Houston, Tx

38 of 42 people found this review helpful.

Click for larger image

I received my vented racing jacket on 10/30/09 and I am very satisfied with the appearance and quality of the jacket. I have a perforated armored jacket from a well known company that is made in China and it is no match for the quality of this jacket. I love the feel and the smell, I am going riding Sunday morning and it is suppose to be chilly, looking forward to it.

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Vented Racing jacket 2010-06-22

by from Bibern, Switzerland

31 of 33 people found this review helpful.

I'm writing from Switzerland. It is now 2 years since I bought the racing jacket from your collection, still I'm sure I have bought the best jacket on the market.

Click for larger image

As you can see on the picture I sent I wear a vest over it. I wear it every time I ride out (picture taken on a tour around France). It became a very good attender to me. All other products I looked at before, were not of the same fine quality leather and handcraft.

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Vented Racing Jacket 2005-01-24

by from Chicago, IL

27 of 29 people found this review helpful.

This is the first year I've ridden. While gearing up, everybody told me to to just get one of those cheap biker jackets. At one point I almost did because the jacket I wanted was, too pricey! or so I thought. But I found myself coming back again and again to your site to look and dream. I considered the Classics 1 & 2, but there was just something about the VRJ that made me take the plunge, and now I know what it is.

WOW! I've never seen such a well constructed, great looking garment. To me, it's worth ten of those lesser jackets on ebay, and will likely last ten times as long.

I was surprised at how light it was. When I first put it on, the fit seemed a little small, but after wearing it for a couple of hours it began to feel like it was made specifically for me. I inspected the jacket very thoroughly, and the craftsmanship is amazing!! The zippers alone blew my socks off! And the snaps and lacing on the collar, gun pocket and sides will certainly last for as long as I have it!! Easily this is the best made jacket I've ever seen and it's just expertly put together. I love it!

Thanks for making them!



Chicago, IL

Did you find this review helpful?

The Men's Vented Racing Jacket is our best selling leather motorcycle jacket, highly functional with simple no frills styling. It has two generous vents front and rear with a tough mesh shell to allow maximum airflow. The main zipper has an interior wind flap to eliminate air penetration. An inside snap and zippered pockets are set in the leather facing on the left and right side (respectively). Elbows and shoulders are reinforced with extra leather and the Vented Racing Jacket is cut long in the back with a padded kidney panel.

Two options are available for adjusting the sides - snaps or lacing. There are two zippered pockets on the front of the jacket and expansion joints behind the shoulders. This leather jacket has zippered sleeves and an insulated removable full sleeve liner with a hide-away fleece neck warmer. Soft, heavy full grain leather with a dull luster shows off the natural grain and compliments the antique brass hardware.

Please read How Your Motorcycle Jacket Is Supposed To Fit if you have any questions on the sizing.

Please note: Some older stock jackets do not include sleeve vents. If you desire a specific style, please contact us for availability.

*Some of our Men's Vented Racing Jackets do not have the armor pockets. Due to popular demand, we are transitioning to all Vented Racing Jackets having armor pockets, but in the meantime there are limited sizes that are available without them. If you have a preference, please let us know in the notes and we will ship as available.

Here you can find pictures of Justin Brown's Men's Vented Racing Jacket that went down on an expressway after hitting an overpass at 60mph.

Check out the reviews of the Men's Vented Racing Jacket at Web Bike World and You can read more third party reviews of Fox Creek Leather motorcycle jackets and other products here.

Click on any linked feature for more information. Our products are made by hand so there may be some variance in the dimensions.
Shell Type: Mesh
Removable Liner: Zip Out, Full
Adjustable Sides: Laced or Snap
Vents: Dual Front and Rear
Inside Pocket: Two, Left Snap, Right Zipper
Reinforced: Elbows and Shoulders
Expansion Joints: Shoulders
Kidney Panel: Padded and Extended
Leather Weight: 1.4-1.6mm (3.5-4.0oz)
Zipped Sleeves: Yes
Material: Full-grain Cowhide
Guarantee: Lifetime
Made in USA: Yes
Hardware: YKK, Antique Brass
Neck Warmer: Yes

Which side option gives more adjustment?
The laces do give you more adjustment while the snaps offer a cleaner look.

Is the padding in the elbows, shoulders, and kidney panel considered armor?
No, the padding is foam padding and is not considered to be armor although most sizes are now available with armor pockets. The armor is sold separately.