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I have the Black and Brown belts. The brown is 5 years old and the black is 3. They both have been worn on construction sites and soaked in sweat. They have held up to a holstered heavy .357 magnum and even a couple of dunkings in the Mississippi when ol' whiskers pulled my fishing pole in the river and I went in after it. I still wear one or the other every day and will replace them with Fox Creek Leather Belts if they ever wear out! - Chuck, Louisiana

I've had this belt for a couple of years now, and it's possibly the best belt I've bought. I chose the antique brass buckle as being the best all-round for finish and looks. It is a substantial belt and has yet to show any signs of cracking, fraying, flaking surface, fading color or looking anything but brand new. It seems to be built, as the saying goes, like a tank and I'm very pleased with this, as I cannot count the number of times I've bought a belt thinking it would be good/reliable/hard wearing only for it to split/tear/disintegrate very quickly and hence feeling disappointed and somewhat ripped-off. From new it was supple, that secret know-how only Fox Creek Leather seem to possess, and it is apparent it will last for many years to come. - Alan, England, UK

I have been wearing this belt for 4 years now, and it is still going strong. I wear this belt mostly as a dress belt. I have several dark suits and wear this belt 3 to 4 times a week. I ordered a size 52 belt and my pants stay up great with these belts (I have a brown version and a black version). Those of you who are big like me know how hard it can be to find a belt that will keep your pants where you want them. The great thing about these belts is you can wear them with dress clothes (the brown gets worn 3 times a week with my brown suit). Then, when you are done with work, you can wear them with jeans, etc. with no problems. I have had belts, including belts sold as "work belts" that have not held up for even one season. This belt has been worn for 4 years, and is not even looking worn. There is no cracking, no splitting, and also, no sagging or stretching! That is saying something because I often have really loaded pockets. I carry one to two knives, and the occasional handgun. - TL, Washington

I purchased this belt around 4 months ago and must say it blows away my other belts. I own a belt from that American motorcycle company (the belt is made in China) and when I compared it to this one, the Fox Creek Leather belt is almost 2 times thicker, the buckle is heavier and has a better finish and the stitching is heavier. There is no question Fox Creek Leather belts are top quality. Oh, and the Fox Creek Leather belt was also cheaper, go figure. Keep doing what you do Fox Creek Leather, thumbs up! - Nick, New York

I rode up to Fox Creek Leather because I needed a new belt and to have a look at some of their other products. I bought the belt in black with an antique brass buckle. It is really excellent quality. The young lady who assisted me was very friendly and helpful. The belt has a removable keeper and buckle if you want to use a different type of buckle. I personally like the simple, understated roller buckle it comes with. I got to look at some of their other products and was very impressed. I will likely be back for some gloves and maybe some bags! - Todd, North Carolina

This belt is a great deal - it is made from heavy, high quality leather, and doesn't show wear like thinner belts. I sized it from my jean size, and it fits right on the middle hole, with a good-looking brass buckle. - Pete, Colorado