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Summer Riding Jacket

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  • Crafted from 1.0-1.2mm full grain leather.
  • Dual rear and sleeve vents.
  • Left snapped and right zippered inside pockets.
  • Antique Nickel YKK hardware.
  • Optional removable insulated liner.
List Price:
starting at $387.00
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Comfort and Protection 2010-08-19

by from Clarksville, PA

100 of 108 people found this review helpful.

During vacation I took a ride to Fox Creek Leather to purchase a new AMERICAN made leather jacket. I tried on a variety of jackets and settled on the lightweight summer jacket. It fits me like a glove and even in 90+ degree heat while touring in Virginia and North Carolina I was cool as can be and best of all protected as well.

Click for larger image

There is no "break-in" period necessary as the leather is soft and supple. Even though this jacket is called "lightweight" it still has some heft to it. As I ride down the highways of this great nation I see lots of bikers wearing little or no protection and I shake my head. This jacket allows you to ride in comfort yet be protected at the same time during those hot summer days.

If at all possible take a ride to Fox Creek Leather. The ride through the Blue Ridge Mountains is great and the girls at the shop allow you to try on everything they have before making you purchase. You won't be disappointed.

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Best leather jacket I've ever owned! 2011-07-15

by from Madison, Wisconsin

84 of 92 people found this review helpful.

This is by far the best leather jacket I've ever owned. I loved it so much I bought another one! Lightweight and so comfortable, the perfect summer leather jacket! I am 6'8" and the tall size fits me perfectly. A bargain at any price!

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The Best Lightweight Jacket Available 2011-03-24

by from Sedona, AZ

83 of 90 people found this review helpful.

I purchased the Summer Riding jacket a few months ago and have now had time to wear it riding. I wanted a high quality jacket that I could wear in the range of 50 deg thru 80 deg during the AZ late winter/spring/early summer. As a previous customer of Fox Creek, I knew there was only one place to go. I am super happy with my jacket and it really does what I want it to do. The quality is outstanding and the jacket really works for me.

I have purchased many times for Fox Creek and my purchases include the Motorcycle Jacket I, Laced Vest, Vest Extenders, Chaps, 3 Windshield bags (you can never have too many bikes !), Belt, Quick release Helmet Strap, Cargo Net and Leather Roll Bag. Their products are always top notch and Customer Service is always outstanding.

This is a combination that is harder and harder to find and I remain a dedicated customer.

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Summer Riding Jacket 2012-05-03

by from Culpeper, VA

79 of 86 people found this review helpful.

I have been looking a long time for a light weight leather jacket. I currently have a medium weight jacket and a mesh for summer. Finally, I have found a good looking light weight leather jacket. It fits perfect and the leather is soft and flexible. I have been out riding now for a month with it and it is by far the most comfortable jacket I have. I also purchased the inner liner which is very nice and has a built in hood/neck warmer.

I highly recommend Fox Creek Leather, would purchase again.

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Summer riding jacket 2011-04-15

by from Coon Rapids, MN

62 of 68 people found this review helpful.

Beautiful jacket. I like that it isn't so heavy. I know everyone loves big thick heavy leather but I hate being bogged down by it. (go ahead and slam me on the safety but this is my review!)

I really wanted a thin jean style leather jacket but Fox Creek's jean jacket was hugely heavy. I returned and ordered the summer jacket, then called and canceled it simply because I'd found two other jackets in the meantime to fit differing needs. Making my jacket "collection" sort of legendary and over the top. Having around ten different styles and colors of leather jackets made me figure the summer jacket would be unnecessary. Well, it showed up anyway and it fit so well, and had all of what I love in a jacket so..... I called FC and kept it! This fits beautifully. Great shoulder width. I'm picky... The arms are not too baggy. I hate baggy arms on jackets, remember, I'm picky! Whenever a manufacturer says you can put body armor in a jacket I cringe because it means there has to be room for the armor and therefor BAGGY without. This one fit so well I just couldn't send it back. Even though I really didn't need another jacket! Thanks Fox creek!

If you ever consider making a leather jean jacket more closely resembling the thickness and weight of a blue jean jacket, just send me a 48 and bill me! I settled for a cheaper leather shirt as a hot weather riding "jacket" and am happy about covering that need but REALLY love the quality of your products and would LOVE something light and thin but of good quality. Thank you for making great jackets, as well as all of your other products!

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Summer Leather Jacket 2010-09-18

by from San Dieog, Calif.

49 of 53 people found this review helpful.

Click for larger image

I just received my new jacket and it fits and feels great. The jacket is made extremely well. I also own one of their dark brown belts with gun metal buckle and a Levi style jacket, both outstanding!

Bravo Zulu to Fox Creek Leathers.

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Summer Riding Jacket 2012-05-02

by from Cairo, Egypt

43 of 47 people found this review helpful.

Well, I finally got back to Cairo, Egypt after being evacuated for a few months. The whole time away I was worried about my bike more than much else. To make matters interesting, I should tell you that my bike was delivered to the port in Alexandria, Egypt on January 28th! I had no idea if it would even make it through Customs, let alone the journey south to Cairo. After weeks of stressing from VA, I got the good news that my Lowrider was sitting in the garage!

Click for larger image

Now, I needed a jacket. Not just any jacket would work though. The heat in Egypt can be unbearable, just like traffic. If you've ever ridden in a taxi over here, you know that a smart rider wouldn't dare hit these streets without leather.

Enter Fox Creek Leather.

I did a lot of research, looking for just the right jacket. I wanted great protection but also needed to keep cool. There are a handful of leather jackets out there with venting, but my buddies steered me to Fox Creek Leather.

After all that rambling, now the review: The jacket is lightweight, but not too lightweight. It has great venting that, when rolling, allows me to stay cool. It certainly has a quality to it that gives me confidence it will do its job of protection if necessary, as well. The leather is supple and the look is just what I wanted; cruiser sophisticated...if there is such a thing.

There is no way to get around heat buildup while sitting in the blistering sun while standing still. The great thing about this jacket is that it doesn't seem to let the internal temp rise too much. I haven't yet experienced rush-hour traffic in August here, but know that this jacket will make my trips out of the city safe and comfortable.

Thanks Fox Creek for such a great product. I look forward to getting back to VA and finally visiting your store.

PS - After I send this review, I am placing a second order. This will be for when my sons are able to join me back here in Egypt!

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Summer Riding Jacket 2012-10-17

by from Alameda, CA

20 of 21 people found this review helpful.

I have been riding with a Fox Creek Summer Riding jacket for several months now. I am extremely pleased with this product. The fit and finish are exceptional. It is comfortable across the temperature range I ride in (Northern California,) and I have the option of using the removable liner and/or adding layers. Most days it is great with a t-shirt or turtleneck underneath.

I want to also give Fox Creek kudos for their customer service. I had originally purchased another jacket at the store in Virginia earlier this year. I had second thoughts after a day or two and returned to the store for an exchange.

This was accomplished and I was then measured for the Summer jacket. I have to say that this was well worth the price of admission. Custom tailoring has made my new jacket a perfect fit for riding.

Thank you Fox Creek.

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Another Fox Creek "Home Run" jacket! 2014-08-27

by from Rio Vista, CA

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

I live in the Californian Delta (upper SF Bay) on the Sacramento River, and except for the "Delta Breeze", it gets pretty dang HOT here all Summer long. I already own the Classic I jacket, and it is a total winner, sturdy, thick leather, zip-in liners for really cold weather, and that "standard" Fox Creek Leather quality which, IMO, is the best out there.

When the Summer weight jacket showed up on the website I immediately thought how great a complement to my Classic it would be, and lend a cooler ride. I got it today, and I am right on here NOW to let everyone know how impressed I am with it. The fit is perfect (I ordered the same size as my other jacket), and the "finishing" and details are outstanding.

The jacket is actually a little heavier than I imagined, but I am translating that fact not into "too hot," but rather into "greater protection in trouble" in a much lighter (overall) jacket than the Classic. With all the vents open (and the waist/hip spacer) plenty of air flow can get through. I am going to unreservedly recommend this jacket to anyone in a warmer climate. I think you'll all be really happy with one!

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Irresistible Quality 2014-10-10

by from Clarksville, TX

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

Let me start by saying that I am not a motorcycle rider and have no previous experience with garments designed to suit that purpose. I am, however, a lover of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

I began my search for a new leather jacket by trekking to various department stores and outfitters, only to find overpriced faux leather and even more overpriced real leather, all made in China, and severely lacking in character, fit, and finish.

I didn't like either option, so I decided to do some more research. I started to like the idea of ordering an actual motorcycle jacket, since I was sure the quality and durability factors would help justify the expense. I spent some time the websites of several big name motorcycle brands, but was dismayed to find that none of the products were made in the US, and the reviews were hit and miss for quality.

In the midst of my online journey, I happened across several motorcycle gear forums with topics on where to find quality leathers, and one name popped up again, and again, and again.

Fox Creek Leather.

I spent some time browsing the site, figuring out my sizing, and settling on a style. I chose the Summer Riding Jacket, knowing I didn't really need the protection of the heavier offerings, and that the lighter weight would make it more portable and practical for someone like me, who doesn't actually ride.

After calling and speaking to an exceptionally courteous and helpful representative, I placed my order on a Thursday afternoon. To my surprise and delight, the jacket shipped the same day, and arrived the following Monday--less than 2 business days transit.

Since the jacket arrived, I have been wearing it almost non-stop. I had been surprised by the weight of it when I had first taken it out of the box, but as heavy and thick as the leather is, it feels weightless when worn.

The quality of the fit seems almost too good to be true. I have a very tall, lanky body type, and have a lot of trouble finding clothes that truly fit right, but the 40 Long size recommended to me by the representative that helped me over the phone could have been custom tailored to fit me. It's genuinely amazing.

The leather itself is perfect. Supple, strong, soft, and clearly very durable. It's used in all the right places, with minimal and perfectly-located seams. It feels great, looks great, and SMELLS great! This jacket effortlessly screams quality and craftsmanship.

I'm not a huge fan of the mesh shell, though I'm sure it's a lifesaver for summer riders. For my purposes, having an all-nylon shell would have been significantly nicer.

Also, as I will never be using the armor pockets, an option to leave them off would have also been great. The Velcro in the sleeved used to secure those pockets closed are a little irritating when wearing the jacket with short sleeves.

All in all, I can't imagine finding finer quality for the price I paid anywhere. I am extraordinarily satisfied with my purchase.

If you are considering picking up one of Fox Creek Leather's jackets, stop considering. Just buy one, and thank yourself later.

Did you find this review helpful?

The Summer Riding Jacket elicited an immediate bond of affection with me. It easily lends itself to all the peripheral duties of a great motorcycle jacket: pillow, blanket, bed, drop cloth and trusted friend. Comfortable to carry, comfortable to wear, reassuring to touch - easy to look at. If Frank Sinatra were to stand in the shadows with a leather motorcycle jacket slung over his shoulders, this is the one he'd use. Enough with the romance. On to the facts.

The Men's Summer Riding Jacket is crafted from a lighter weight full grain cowhide than what we typically use in the construction of our made in the USA motorcycle jackets. It has two generous rear and sleeve vents with a tough mesh shell to allow maximum airflow. This jacket has zippered sleeves and zippers on the sides to allow for adjustment. Soft full grain leather with a dull luster shows off the natural grain and complements the antique nickel hardware. There is dark reflective piping above the kidney panel to help visibility for riding at night; however, it is not visible unless light is on it.

Armor provisional pockets in the elbows, shoulders, and back allow you the option of using body armor with this jacket (back armor and shoulder and elbow armor available separately).

T-Pro Armor may not fit all shoulder pockets unless it is trimmed to fit. Elbow and back armor should fit correctly without trimming.

Please read How Your Motorcycle Jacket Is Supposed To Fit if you have any questions on sizing.

Click on any linked feature for more information. Our products are made by hand so there may be some variance in the dimensions.
Shell Type: Mesh
Removable Liner: None
Adjustable Sides: Zipper
Vents: Sleeve and Dual Rear
Inside Pocket: Two, Left Snap, Right Zipper
Reinforced: None
Expansion Joints: Shoulders
Kidney Panel: Padded and Extended
Leather Weight: 1.0-1.2mm (2.5-3.0oz)
Zipped Sleeves: Yes
Material: Full-grain Cowhide
Guarantee: Lifetime
Made in USA: Yes
Hardware: YKK, Antique Nickel
Neck Warmer: No

If I buy the Summer Riding Jacket without the liner can I get one to put in it later?
No, if you order the Summer Riding Jacket without the liner it doesn’t come with a zipper to install it later on.