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Madein the USA


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Brown Classic Motorcycle Vest

  • Closeout 50% off sale! While supplies last.

  • Crafted from 1.2-1.4mm Full Grain Brown Leather
  • Gunmetal (Black) Hardware
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
List Price:
starting at $154.00
On Sale $84.70 ( ships for FREE, While Supplies Last)

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Couldn't be better! 2008-10-13

by from March AFB, California

64 of 70 people found this review helpful.

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I do not ride motorcycles or horses but I wanted a leather vest made in the U.S.A. When I got my vest in the mail last week (only about 3-4 days to get to me)I put it on and it fit like a glove. The sizing is amazing. I love the fit, pockets, and strong buttons. I like the brown color too. I wear it while on long drives and it is not cumbersome at all. No other vest will come close in price, workmanship, and over all value. Look no further, this is the PERFECT vest.

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Brown Classic Motorcycle Vest 2011-04-16

by from Birmingham, UK, West Midlands

63 of 69 people found this review helpful.

I'm a return customer to Fox Creek Leather. There is nowhere in the UK that makes leather clothing of this quality. And this particular vest is even better than I had anticipated. The description, 'deep chocolate brown', is very accurate. If anything the picture on the website makes it look a little lighter than it is in reality. But knowing Fox Creek Leather well, I trusted the description - and I was right to do so. The color is rich, dark and absolutely stunning.

Being over 6'2" I went for the longer fitting vest. It honestly looks like it was made-to-measure. Despite the thickness of the hide, this is very comfortable to wear - not restrictive or bulky.

Although a recent purchase, this already feels like an old favorite. Since receiving it, I've only taken it off to go to bed (and if my wife was a bit more adventurous, it probably wouldn't come off then either).

You want a vest. You want the best. Go to Fox Creek, you'll be impressed.

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Brown Classic Motorcycyle Vest 2009-12-18

by from Canton, North Carolina

45 of 49 people found this review helpful.

I really love the rich brown color of this exceptionally well made vest. Fox Creek is a family owned business that takes your measurements and makes a vest or garment to tailor fit. I have a vest from Fox Creek that I have worn for about 10 years. It is warm, fits and is durable. Western NC, gets cold in the winter (right now about 10 inches of snow and below freezing outside)the vest does its part for added warmth. I am not a biker but appreciate good leather products.

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Brown Classic Leather Vest 2009-08-03

by from Wynne, Arkansas

45 of 49 people found this review helpful.

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Handmade in USA ... my Fox Creek vest is superb in every way ... fine leather, solid stitching, heavy yet flexible ... far exceeds the Asian-made vest I've got. It was made to fit the exact specs I provided, so fib on the larger side if you want to be safe about fit. I love this vest ... superb construction, looks like quality because it is. Using it now when the temp is under 80, and it will be wonderful once fall arrives in October. I now have two pairs of Fox Creek gloves (full and finger-less) and this brown Classic vest ... these are great investments that I/you will NOT regret ... and I/you get to feel good about buying USA-made products. I do this now at every opportunity ... do web searches to find and buy, if it will fit your needs and circumstances, products made in the USA. Fox Creek will NOT disappoint.

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Fox Creek Classic Motorcycle Vest... perfect end to a long search. 2008-04-15

by from Dulce, New Mexico

45 of 49 people found this review helpful.

I have been on a quest for many years to find a classic style leather vest, made out of high quality materials, with superior workmanship, and properly fitted to my measurements. I’ve found some very nice custom made vests in specialty leather shops though they didn’t quite fit me or exactly suit my taste.

A good friend suggested I look at the leather goods Fox Creek Leather had to offer. The understated style of the Classic Motorcycle Vest in brown leather seemed to be exactly what I had in mind all these years.

I received the Fox Creek vest in the mail this week. I am very well pleased with the workmanship and the materials, surpassing vests I’ve seen for more than twice the price. My new vest is everything I had hoped it would be and it fits perfectly. Thank you for making such a fine product.

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Brown Classic Motorcycle Vest 2008-03-29

by from Saint Augustine, Florida

45 of 49 people found this review helpful.

This United States made beauty is of the highest quality. I ordered it in size "38" and three days later I stood in my kitchen and opened the box. I was greeted by that wonderful smell of new naked leather. Holding it up to the light I was surprised by it's "heft". I quickly slipped it on and fastened the top snap....."hold on here..whats this? "Darn it's too small". Called Fox Creek Leather and the polite lady said "you do not want to go too big in this kind of garment, I'm sending you a size "40". Two days later ...I'll say that again, two days later...I'm on the road ( with my size "40") mounted on my "Springer" with the warm Florida air rushing past at seventy miles per hour. Did the snaps come undone? No! They held the vest closed. Did any part of the vest flap in the breeze? No! It fit like the jacket of a matador. Did my little Colt Jr. fall out of the right front pocket? No it was nice and snug ( see photo ). Do I look good in it? See photo. Should you order it? I say "What have you got to lose? If it's not for you Fox Greek will take it back. But I think you will be pleased .

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Classic Brown Vest 2009-01-08

by from Rudkoebing, Denmark

36 of 39 people found this review helpful.

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I'm very satisfied with my Classic Vest in brown leather, my brown trucker wallet and my black boots, here is a photo from Christmas 2008, in new vest, note the t-shirt from danish Harley Davidson club

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The Perfect Motorcycle Vest 2013-08-02

by from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

As I said in my review about my Vented Bomber Jacket purchase, these people know their product, how to service their customers and what the word Quality really means.

Since buying the jacket I also bought a Brown Classic Motorcycle Vest. I sized it a bit smaller than the jacket, it fits perfectly and looks great. I wear this vest on those days when a jacket is too warm. It gives me the kind of protection from the wind and elements that I would expect. I asked for the Buffalo coin snaps as an added feature.

Again, thank you Chippy, Melinda, Brittany and Rachel.

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*Occasionally orders come in so quickly that sold out sizes/options still show up as available. Sorry we cannot apply sale pricing to backorders, previous orders, special orders, other discounts or out of stock sizes. Prices shown on web page reflect sale prices.
Please note: the color of the brown leather may vary. Please see the picture above.

The Men's Brown Classic Motorcycle Vest is a simple, traditional vest made of beautiful deep chocolate brown leather. The leather on this motorcycle vest is 1.2 to 1.4 mm full grain cowhide, lined with a poly-twill liner. The Men's Brown Classic Motorcycle Vest features a generous 6" x 8" inside leather lined gun pocket with hidden gun barrel pouch. This leather vest also has an interior breast pocket and two 6" x 6" open exterior pockets. The pocket depth may vary depending on the size.

The nicest thing about all of our leather motorcycle vests is that they fit properly. Most imported leather vests are not fitted properly and simply cut in a box shape. That inferior design causes the tops to flair out over the shoulders instead of hugging to the natural contour of your chest and torso.

Click on any linked feature for more information. Our products are made by hand so there may be some variance in the dimensions.
Shell Type: Polytwill
Adjustable Sides: None
Inside Pocket: Right Handed Gun Pocket and Left Standard
Leather Weight: 1.2-1.4mm (2.5-3.0oz)
Snaps: Black
Material: Full-grain Cowhide
Guarantee: Lifetime
Made in USA: Yes