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We have a handful of new styles and products waiting for you at Fox Creek Leather…

The new Women’s Riding Jacket and Braided Riding Jacket both feature smooth, clean lines with rear vents tucked behind the seams for a classy, elegant look whether you’re riding a motorcycle or headed out for a night on the town.

If bike security is a major concern, secure your ride with a Motorcycle Club or Tire Claw. These are made by the same company that invented the original Club anti-theft device for automobiles.

Our L-Fold Leather Wallet offers a useful variation on the standard tri-fold leather wallet. Your money only gets folded once, so the wallet isn’t as bulky in your pocket.

Pockets can fill up quickly, so carry your flashlight and keys on your belt. We’ve added a new Military or Police-style Key Fob and Leather Flashlight Holder to our product line. These attach to your belt for quick access, and the Flashlight Holder swivels so you can direct the beam without removing the light from the holder.

We’re adding new products all the time, so check out our website for new and unique motorcycle gear.

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