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Product Spotlight – Lined Chaps

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With more and more motorcycle enthusiasts reaching new levels of rides and performance, positive safety measures and technologies are working to keep apace with all the new developments. Many of us now ride in varying weather conditions and I think more so with all the advances in clothing and materials that keeps the rain and cold out better than ever.

I know that riding with the girls in the Smokey Mountain Thunder Chapter of Women in the Wind will sometimes catch me out in conditions that may be called “less than ideal.”

Really good products are necessary and when you combine the challenges of safety, weather, durability, and comfort, it’s a no-brainer that quality leather rates as high on the list of riding confidence as good tires, or a good maintenance program.

Doris’ Lined Chaps Nothing I’ve tried feels, (or smells) as good as thick and soft leather. Looking at the standpoint of safety I’d rather leave some of the leather from my new Fox Creek Leather chaps on the pavement than my own skin. From the standpoint of comfort with the zip-in zip-out convenience of the linings, I’m provided with warm and snugly cold protection when I need it.

If conditions change I can always zip ’em out and put ’em in a saddlebag or back-pack. Being a return customer of Fox Creek I knew that I could expect a good product with a great team to assist with any problems I might encounter. Sure enough my husband ordered the first ones too large, (by his own measurements ;-) and a second pair was sent to us the very day he called to return them. We had to trim the legs some but remember you want them long for the protection and to keep out the weather. You can always cut off some more.

— Doris W. from Fletcher, NC

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