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Vented Bomber Motorcycle Jacket
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Men's Vented Bomber Motorcycle Jacket

5 Stars 25 product reviews
$502.00 Starting at: $491.96
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Product Description

  • Crafted from 1.4-1.6mm full grain leather.
  • Removable full sleeve insulated liner with hide-away fleece neck warmer.
  • Armor provisional pockets in the elbows, shoulders and back (armor not included)
  • Dual sleeve vents, dual breast pocket vents, and a rear exit vent.
  • Inner perforated leather facing may be zipped up while leaving the exterior zipper undone.
  • Two inside pockets: Left with a snap closure, Right with a zipper closure.
  • Dual front zippered slash pockets and a snap down collar.

Closeout: Stock Sizes ONLY at Sale Price.
When we discontinue a style of Jacket, Vest or Chaps we often have many stock sizes left. Those items are added to our Closeout Sale and the price is reduced. Our most popular sizes - 44, 46 and 48 - are often the first to sell out. Once a size is sold out, we cannot offer it at the sale price but most styles can be ordered in your size at the regular price (delivery time up to 10 weeks). Please call us at 800-766-4165 or 276-773-3131 if you would like to order a Closeout style in a size not available to order online.

Our Men's Vented Bomber Motorcycle Jacket features a removable full sleeve insulated liner with a hide-away fleece neck warmer. The elastic waist expansions on this bomber jacket allow for an effortless but secure fit. The venting system on this leather motorcycle jacket includes dual sleeve vents, two deep breast pocket vents (which function as both vents and pockets) and a rear horizontal exit vent. Additionally, the Men's Vented Bomber Motorcycle Jacket allows you to manage airflow through an inner leather facing crafted from perforated leather that can be zipped independently of the main exterior zipper.

The Vented Bomber Jacket also has armor provisional pockets in the elbows, shoulders, and back should you wish to use body armor with your motorcycle jacket (back armor and shoulder and elbow armor available separately).

T-Pro Armor may not fit all shoulder pockets unless it is trimmed to fit. Elbow and back armor should fit correctly without trimming.

The leather jacket also has a snap down collar and two inside pockets, a pocket with a snap closure on the left and one with a zippered closure pocket on the right. The Men's Vented Bomber Motorcycle Jacket has two outside zippered slash pockets.

Please read How Your Motorcycle Jacket Is Supposed To Fit if you have any questions on sizing.

Warranty Information

Made in USA - Lifetime Guarantee
Our lifetime guarantee covers the workmanship and materials on all of our American made chaps, jackets, vests and pants as long as they are owned by the original purchaser. This includes any problem with snaps, zippers, seams and grommets that arise due to normal use of the garment.

Other Details

usa plus life:
Free shipping to USA. Usually ships within 24 hours.
Regular Price $502
CLOSE OUT - Limited Sizes - Save 30%!
Tall Recommended for 6'1" or taller

Product Reviews

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  1. The Best Jacket I've Ever Owned 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 19th 2010

    I truly love my new Fox Creek Bomber Jacket!
    The workmanship is second to none in my opinion and, as many have said, there’s nothing like opening the box upon arrival and smelling that “leather” aroma and feeling the weight of the jacket.

    Click for larger image

    I special ordered the jacket with shorter sleeves and it came out perfectly. I was already familiar with the quality as I had 3 different jackets sent and returned before I decided.
    Fox Creek’s customer service is wonderful as I changed my mind a few times before finally deciding what and when to buy. Ashley, Rachel and everyone at Fox Creek was very kind and patient.
    I decided on the Bomber Jacket because, in my opinion, it’s the most versatile of all the styles as it looks great on and off my motorcycle. I’m also impressed by the fact that the jacket already feels broken in, not stiff at all, especially considering the thickness of the leather.
    I was careful and cautious in my decision because I was convinced this would be the ultimate leather jacket and that I would wear it and enjoy it for a lifetime. I’m already considering who to leave it to in my will as I think it will outlast me!

  2. This is not a toy...... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 20th 2010

    I've tried on various leather jackets in motorcycle stores over the years and I've never found one that clicked.
    I'm tall at 6'5" and they were always short in the body and arms or huge across the shoulders and gut. Some of them looked OK but you would only wear them 10 days a year in sunny Sydney because they had no venting.
    The ones that would take armor might be OK on the track but I would be ashamed to walk through the front door at work; OK for a 5'2" track racer with a little man syndrome maybe but a little too much bling for my taste.
    I'm planning a trip across the Himalayas and decided I really needed a good leather jacket. A friend in the U.S recommended Fox Creek Leather. He has the vented Bomber jacket; he wears it flying (but not bombing).
    With some misgivings, I perused the fitting system, ordered a 46" (long) Bomber jacket over the internet and waited for it to ship 12,000 miles.
    What a blast. The jacket fits beautifully, including full length sleeves and a body that match my anatomy. This jacket is seriously engineered. The sleeve expansion system means it looks good when you are standing up-right but when you sit on the bike and reach for the bars it flexes with you. The multiple vents really work, with the front unzipped I can wear it around on pretty hot days without sweating bricks. The build quality is just great, I suspect it will become an heirloom. My son has certainly suggested that I hand it down pretty much immediately.
    I haven't tried it with armor yet but the system looks like it has been thought through and will work well.
    This is absolutely the best biking jacket I have ever seen let alone owned. The only down side is I may have to invest in new hardware to do it justice... could be the most expensive jacket I ever bought......

  3. Happy in Calabash 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 9th 2009

    I recently sold my older HD leather jacket as it seems I have somewhat outgrown it over the last several years.
    I began the extensive search for a suitable replacement. The old jacket had a removable liner and was vented so I wanted to ensure the new jacket had those features at the least.
    I visited all the local shops and could not find a single jacket with the features I desired. They were either short on venting or had only a vest liner rather than full sleeve. I also found the quality of leather was all over the spectrum with stiff and rigid being the norm. If the leather was soft enough for me and the jacket had most of the features then it was priced way too high.
    I then started a search on the web to see what was out there. Again it was hard to find one single jacket with all the features I desired with the quality I demanded. I kept being drawn back to the Fox Creek site and the variety of styles they offered.
    These jackets all had the features I was looking for and then some. The reviews were all positive and being USA made was a definite plus. The hardest part was choosing the style. I finally had my wife pick the style she preferred which was the bomber. I ordered the jacket on a Friday and it was delivered on the following Monday. Now that is service.
    The jacket is everything I could ask for and more. Quality leather and the craftsmanship is better than expected. Using the sizing guide gets you a jacket that fits as if it was tailored just for you. You give your exact measurements and the jacket will fit without having to play the "order one/two sizes up" as required for foreign made products.
    The jacket is protective and provides unrestricted movement on the bike. To say it is comfortable would be an understatement.
    I think it is safe to say that Fox Creek offers the best jacket for the money without exception. I also can't say enough about the convenience of having a built in neck warmer for when the air is just a bit too cool.
    Great service. Great products. Great prices. You really cannot do better anywhere else.

  4. Great Jacket 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 25th 2009

    I had a hard time finding a good jacket where I live .I got lucky and found Fox creek leather. It is the best jacket I have ever owned !!!

  5. Paradise Found in my Vented Bomber 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 16th 2009

    Click for larger image

    I was a little doubtful about buying a jacket like this without being able to look it over first but this jacket and Fox Creek Leather exceeded my exceptions in every way.
    The construction and material used is just outstanding. The purchase was easy the shipping fast and the results perfect. I've looked for along time for a good quality jacket that offers protection, comfort and good looks and that wouldn't break the bank and this is it.
    Not only does it look good it works, in the short time I've had it on cool mornings it's been great. Warm with no unwanted air gaps and when I hit rain it just rolled off. The fit was good right out of the box snug where it needs to be but not restricting. It's a heavier jacket than I expected but very comfortable and the weight isn't noticeable. The vents are placed where you can get some good air flow on warmer days and easy to open and close.
    I couldn't be happier and would highly recommend Fox Creek Leather and will be shopping there again.

  6. None compares with Fox Creek Leather 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 13th 2009

    Click for larger image

    My Vented Bomber Jacket arrived one day before I left for Florence, Italy. I've owned quite a few leather riding jackets, but none compares with the FCL, for functionality, workmanship or price/value. And it looks and feels great!
    The jacket's design is well thought out and executed, by people who understand and appreciate the user environment. The liner helped keep me warm in low 50-degree temperatures, and the inside protected pockets kept my passport, wallet and other valuables safe.
    I had previously purchased two leather vests – Jean Biker and Classic – the latter as a gift. The holster pocket works very well, without a telltale bulge. Whereas all my other jackets are made overseas, the FCL is manufactured in the U.S., with a lifetime warranty. If anyone thinks that domestic manufacturing cannot be competitive, take a look at FCL.
    BTW, a lot of my fellow Marines ride, and it would be nice for FCL to offer a custom vest using the USMC snaps that you currently offer on your vest extender. Finally, your customer care is the best. Scarlett even found a birthday card to include with my gift. Keep up the good work, FCL team!
    Semper Fidelis,

  7. Well Made Jacket 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 26th 2009

    At first glance I could see the jacket was made much better than either of the jackets I currently have. The fit is better compared to a jacket bought off the rack; nice and snug but not loose where it flaps in the wind like my other jackets do. It fits around my waist nicely and doesn’t bunch up when sit on my bike. I like the way the sleeves unzip so that it fits down over gloves easily. The perforated panel which also unzips allows airflow while keeping the jacket on you securely. On the cold day when I test road my jacket the inside panel helped to keep me even warmer. The jacket provided me with even warmth, over my entire upper body. The jacket is equipped with enough vents so that you can let enough air in to make yourself comfortable in warm weather. With the exception of the back vents, you could easily unzip all other vents while riding.
    The leather feels, soft, thick and oily yet it is no way stiff or restrictive. Although the Fox Creek Jacket is much heavier than either of my two jackets the weight doesn’t bother me at all but more over adds to the comfort of the jacket.

  8. Love My Bomber Jacket 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 13th 2008

    Dear Fox Creek:
    I bought my Fox Creek Bomber jacket last year and it's simply the best motorcycle jacket I've ever owned. I really appreciate your superb craftsmanship because, as a professional motorcycle tour guide, I put my jacket through some serious wear and tear.
    I put the jacket on as soon as it was delivered and the fit was perfect. It's everything I was hoping it would be and more. I could not be more satisfied. As you know, a motorcyclist's jacket is much more than just apparel... it's of prime importance when it comes to protection and comfort.
    I just wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed my Fox Creek jacket tremendously over the past year and look forward to many, many more years of enjoyment in the future. The quality is beyond compare, the functionality is excellent, and it looks great too. Couldn't ask for anything more.

  9. I love it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 12th 2008

    I’ve been searching for a high-quality Motorcycle leather jacket. However; I found it at the homepage of Fox Creek Leathers. I am astonished about this wonderful, versatile and different garments, the nice service and the high-quality products made by the people of FCL.
    At once the Vented Bomber Jacket attracted attention to me, because it is my style. When reading the product description, there increases the wish to buy this jacket.
    So I have had several E-Mail contacts with Scarlett to get some information and help. One of the superior customer service representatives I’ve ever seen! Wonderful! Extraordinary! A class of it’s own!
    At first the high “extra costs” (shipping to Germany, German customs) kept me away from doing the purchase. But now I have ordered one and got it.
    The Jacket is marvelous, great features, soft grip and supple leather. The best jacket, I’ve ever worn. Well done work. I don’t want to put it off. Even at home I wear this jacket.
    This jacket is such a wonderful product made by FCL. I am very happy with it. I can highly recommend Fox Creek. Respect! Thanks to the people of Fox Creek.
    I am looking forward to the next purchase at Fox Creek Leather, perhaps a pair of Gloves or another jacket :)
    Thanks FCL

  10. This is a quality jacket. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 31st 2008

    I had been looking for a quality leather jacket since I got back into riding in 2003. The local leather shops and bike shops were either selling lightweight dress jackets or logo and zipper-infested biker jackets. That's not me. I wanted a sturdy, functional, leather jacket - made of real leather - not patchwork scraps or some foreign "almost leather" material....
    I "found" Fox Creek Leather's site after the suggestions of a few members of a bike forum that I belong to.
    The Vented Bomber Motorcycle Jacket was just what I had been looking for. I placed my order and received it in just a few days. I was impressed by the quality and features of the jacket; unfortunately, the size was a bit small. I sent an email to the FCL folks and sent the jacket back. They responded to my email immediately, followed up with a phone call, and sent out a larger size jacket before the original was returned to them. That's called customer service. The new jacket arrived and the fit was perfect.
    I got a chance to ride with it the other day, and this is a quality jacket. As a friend at work said, this is what they call a "second skin".
    I really like this jacket and the people at Fox Creek Leather know what customer service means.
    Did I mention this is a quality jacket?

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