Medium Wide Angle Motorcycle Saddlebags


Medium Wide Angle Saddlebags Fit Guide

  • Simple clean design featuring quick release snaps on the buckles.
  • Dimensions 12"(30.5cm)H x 14"(35.6cm)W x 6"(15.24cm)D
  • 3.2mm (8oz) Split Cowhide Leather

The Medium Wide Angle Motorcycle Saddlebags are large enough to fit your chaps, gloves, and a heavy shirt or you can also fit a smaller women's leather jacket or a lightweight men's jacket.

The flap is fastened by buckles and there are quick release snaps behind the straps for easy access. This saddle bag is made with heavy duty rivets and size 207 industrial strength Anefil bonded nylon thread.

The leather yoke is easily adjustable and has 10 adjustment holes spread over 10 inches. No-Yoke design is best for bolt-on application. We have a limited supply of Easy Brackets available on our Sale page. Easy Brackets are a Closeout item so we’ve cut the price drastically on the remaining few we have left.

The saddlebags are fully reinforced with ABS plastic in the mid-section gusset and the face of the bag. The back of the bag is made from conveyor belt rubber and also reinforced with ABS plastic.

The dimensions are 12" high, 14" wide and 6" deep.

While it does fit most bike models, check your bike's available space for fit. The bags must clear exhaust pipes by 1.5" to 2". We have a chart available here that may help you determine if these bags will fit your bike.

Fox Creek Leather Lifetime Guarantee:
  • Covers Snaps, Zippers, Grommets and Seamwork (excluding liners) in our Leather Vests, Jackets, Chaps and Overpants for the original purchaser.
  • Does not cover damage due to accident, neglect* or abuse.
  • Full Grain Leather displays range marks and scars that make each item unique. These scars are NOT defects and only add to the richness and story of the product.
  • The grain of each hide varies from animal to animal so texture will vary from one item to the next.

*Leather requires regular maintenance and care to remain strong, supple and beautiful.