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Cindy & Craig Sherman

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Craig in Wyoming
Craig in Wyoming
in his Fox Creek chaps

Two years ago I bought myself a pair of your leather chaps. Priced reasonably well, I was curious as to the quality I would get. Not only was the phone support staff super knowledgable in helping me size my chaps correctly, I was amazed at the quality of the product.

I have worn them all over the country and people are amazed at how soft, yet durable and well fitting these chaps are.

Cindy in Georgia
Cindy modeling her Fox Creek Leather
Classic I in the hills of northern Georgia

My next purchase was for my wife last year. We were going on a trip and she needed a jacket. Needless to say she waited until the last minute, and like most women, wanted to order the size SHE wanted the jacket to be.

Craig in Montana
Craig in Big Sky country

Well after receiving the jacket (Women’s Motorcycle Classic I), it was too tight. She called, and “no problem, we’ll send the next size right out” was what she was told! Not only did she get the next size jacket by the time we needed it, we still had the original order on it’s way back to you.

The service you offer is outstanding and the quality of the products are excellent. People who see and touch that jacket are amazed at the quality and the price!

I plan on treating myself to a nice leather jacket, from you of course, later this year! Thanks for being and excellent American company.

Craig Sherman
Deerfield Beach, FL

In writing Fox Creek, Craig mentioned his son, Albert, returning home from Iraq. This is not a political commentary, but a tribute and introduction to one bright young Marine and his family.

Albert's Welcome home
Craig and Cindy’s son, Albert, a Marine
on leave from his third tour of duty in Iraq

As parents of a Marine who is coming home after his third tour of duty in Iraq, you bet we are proud to wear your products that proudly display the American flag! That flag or the Marine flag flies over our house 365 days a year!

Albert is in aviation support with the Marines. He did plenty of security patrols in Iraq, as well as travelling to different bases by helicopter to train other units. Sounds cool, but we lived with fear everyday he was away. If we didn’t hear from him for a few days, of course we started to get nervous. At least this time he had access to e-mail and the phone now and then. His first two tours all we had were letters and they took two weeks either way!

The military has been a great experience and learning tool for him. He has matured so much it makes us both so proud. Granted he was a good student and a good kid when he joined, but this has made him a man. He is now planning on getting out in October, coming home to Florida and becoming an EMT. He is taking classes and he will do it, as he’s that type of person that once he sets his mind to it, he’ll make it through.

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