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Easy Brackets

What are Easy Brackets?

Easy Brackets "The Easy Bracket® Saddlebag Bolt-on Support Systems allows you to attach your motorcycle saddlebags safely and securely. When installed, simply unlock and lift the saddlebags off your motorcycle. The seamless design leaves no ugly hardware behind."

-Easy Brackets® Website

Which bikes/saddlebags do they fit?

Easy Brackets® are built to fit a wide variety of motorcycles and saddlebags. Simply use the search bar above to find the right bracket for your bike. Here are a few of our satisfied customers who mounted their Fox Creek Leather Saddlebags using Easy Brackets®:

Sportster Saddlebags:

Dyna Low Rider Saddlebags:

Fatboy Saddlebags:

Large Slant Saddlebags:

Large Straight Saddlebags

If you have any questions about which brackets will work with your motorcycle, please contact us.

How does it work?

» Watch The Easy Brackets® Installation Video «

After installing your Easy Brackets®, you can look forward to the convenience of quick-release saddlebags. Each bracket kit is bike specific and can be installed in 30 minutes or less. Here is an overview of how to install and use Easy Brackets®.

Click for larger image

Step 1 - Replacing your fender bolts
Starting on the right-hand side of the motorcycle, the throttle side, remove and replace the stock fender bolts with the bolts and docking posts provided in the kit. It is highly recommended you remove and replace one bolt at a time to avoid movement of the fender during the installation.

Click for larger image

Step 2 - Fitting your brackets
Install the Easy Bracket onto the docking posts. Verify you have the correct Easy Bracket labeled right side. The lock must be in the open position prior to installing the bracket onto the docking posts. The lock must be locked before the key can be removed.

The cam, (the part of the lock that fits under the docking post) must be completely under the docking post for the lock to be fully locked. The cam will contact the back of the saddlebag after the saddlebag is attached to the bracket as explained in step 4. Please note the cam only needs to clear the docking post for removal and will not rotate a complete 90 degrees.

If the Easy Bracket does not seat completely to allow the cam to fit under the docking post, proceed with the following alignment process.

  • With the Easy Bracket mounted onto the docking posts and the lock in the open position, loosen each bolt slightly to allow movement of the docking posts.
  • Next, gently shake and push the Easy Bracket down onto the docking posts. This will create a proper alignment between the docking posts and the keyholes in the bracket.
  • Place the lock in the locked position with the cam positioned completely under the docking post. Retighten the fender bolts.
  • Remove and reinstall the bracket to insure ease of installation and removal. You have completed the alignment process.

Click for larger image

Step 3 - Marking your saddlebags
Next, with the bracket mounted to the docking posts on the motorcycle, hold the saddlebag up to the bracket and position it to the desired location. Note the clearances from the seat, turn signals and any lower obstructions such as chain guards, axle nuts, exhaust pipes and etc. After the desired location is achieved, with a black marker or similar marking device, mark the outer edge of the bracket on the saddlebag. Remove the Easy Bracket from the motorcycle.

Click for larger image

Step 4 - Attaching your brackets
Next, lay the saddlebag on its side with the back facing up. Position the bracket on the saddlebag within the outline marked in step 3. Using the black marker, mark the location of the (4) mounting holes onto the back of the saddlebag.

Remove the bracket from the saddlebag and drill the mounting holes into the saddlebag using the drill and 3/8" drill bit. Next mount the Easy Bracket to the saddlebag using the (4) 3/8" black button head bolts, fender washers and nylon locking nuts. The fender washer is located on the inside of the saddlebag.

Click for larger image

Step 5 - Mounting your saddlebags
Finally, mount the saddlebag with the Easy Bracket onto the motorcycle. If the bracket is properly mounted onto the docking posts the keyed lock will fully engage and you may remove the key.

You are now ready to repeat these instructions on the left-hand side of the motorcycle.

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