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Leather Saddlebags and Ghostbracket Mounts

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Fox Creek Leather Saddlebags

Our beautifully crafted, American made leather saddlebags are of thick (4-6 oz), top grain leather, with nylon stitching, and YKK hardware. The saddlebags hold their shape with a soft, natural look. Features and inside pocket and weather flaps over the zippered closure. The backs of the saddlebags are made of a sturdy, heavy-duty rubber and is constructed to guarantee the highest quality leather saddlebags for your motorcycle. Remember that you can always return or exchange your saddlebags if you are not completely satisfied with their fit.

Several Designs
Whether you own a Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Indian or other type of motorcycle, we have saddlebags, ghostbracket mounts, and motorcycle accessories to fit your bike. Our saddlebags come in classic (or plain) style, studded, or full dressed (which includes fringe and conchos). Any style is available with or without the leather yoke. We also have a zip off option for our yoked bags.

Mounting Combinations

To mount your Fox Creek Leather Saddlebags to your motorcycle, we recommend and carry the GhostBracket mounting systems. The GhostBrackets gives you a convenient quick-release bracket and also the security of their patented key locking design. You can hardly see the mounting pegs when your saddlebags are off your motorcycle. The ghostbrackets are mounted to the rubber backing of the saddlebags. With the key lock system, you simply turn your key to lock the ghostbrackets to your bike and you are on your way. The ghostbrackets have an amazing design, amazing price, and are simply an amazing product.

We save you time by providing specific GhostBracket fitting information, not just measurements. Simply choose your motorcycle from the menu to see what ghostbrackets you need for your bike. This page also gives you additional needed information, such as if you will need to relocate your lights or if an adapter kit is needed for your bike due to removable backrests.

As always, feel free to e-mail us or call us with questions or concerns.

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